Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Sainsbury's submits plans for petrol station

A PLANNING application has been submitted by Sainsbury’s to re-open the former Total garage in Grange Road, Dorridge.


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The plan will include a new shop front, “upgraded” forecourt with new pumps and car wash.

The firm – set to open a superstore in nearby Forest Court – said there will be a “small” kiosk for convenience goods and cash machine.

It comes amid concern from residents about the closure of the petrol station and the lack of progress at Forest Court.

Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council gave permission for the superstore 12 months ago and will make a decision on the petrol station plan.

Sainsbury’s regional development executive Andrew Sanderson said: “We are
pleased to be progressing with plans to reopen the petrol station in Dorridge.

“We have submitted an application and would therefore ask for residents’ patience whilst this process takes place.”

 “We will continue to keep residents updated of any further developments but hope to reopen in the New Year.”

Former employees at the petrol station will be offered work, the firm said.

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  1. One slap in the face of supporters of the plans. why on earth was it closed when it could have continued to serve the locality whilst plans and approval were sorted. Shows utter contempt for those who supported the development.

  2. well thats what these supermarkets are like - seem to remember that a local group warned supporters of this tyupe of behaviour, perhaps not enough people listened

  3. So why did it close...????? Did the lease run out or what?? I just don't get it.

  4. It's opening again shortly - revamped and properly branded
    Get over it!

  5. To 18.37 : Why do you feel the need to be so rude?

  6. I agree with 19.7. 18.37 clearly does not appreciate that by the time this goes through the planning phase and then the building stage this site is unlikely to open until probably at least March next year.Shut for six months. If, as stated by Sainsbury's, they have redeployed the previous Total employees at other Sainsbury's sites temparorily and will then remploy them at Dorridge why on earth did they just not keep them at Dorridge in the first place operating the site until plannig application had been approved. Sainsbury's is a brand. So I believe is Total.

  7. Dear Dorridge Residents,

    You seem to have mistaken me for someone who gives a ****


    Justin King
    Sainsbury's CEO

  8. The full plans for this are now online, along with details of how to give views.

    Enter 2012 and 1847 in the two boxes here: