Thursday, 22 November 2012

Spelman seeks views on "poor" trains

MERIDEN MP Caroline Spelman is seeking views on a “catalouge of problems” with London Midland trains after receiving complaints from constituents.

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The Conservative said the service – which runs from Dorridge to Birmingham and Leamington Spa – had been hit by a lack of drivers.

She said: “On behalf of local rail users, I wrote to the chief executive of London Midland to ask why the service had been so poor lately.

“The reply revealed a catalogue of problems relating to lack of drivers through retirement or moving to roles elsewhere.”

But she said the firm is “optimistic” that timetable changes on December 9 (click here) and “new efficiencies” should remove problems.

She said: “As a frequent rail user, I know the misery that poor train services can cause and will always willingly take up the complaints of my constituents to get them a better deal or compensation for a disrupted service. 

“Therefore, I am asking constituents to let me know about experiences which have seriously inconvenienced them, such as long delays or cancellations.

“If there is anything in particular that you would like me to raise with London Midland, such as a badly disrupted journey or a claim for compensation then I would be happy to assist you.”

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