Sunday, 9 December 2012

Bid to knock down Dorridge home for five houses

A PLAN has been submitted to knock down a house in a Dorridge cul-de-sac for five detached homes.

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Banner Homes wants to demolish 4 Bushwood Drive, off Knowle Wood Road, for the homes, to also go on land at the back of 22 Temple Road (see plan below).

It said the plan “creates good spacing between dwellings that…will create a scheme that will appear attractive and not unduly cramped”.

Plans for one home on the back of 4 Bushwood Drive and 22 Temple Road were rejected by the council 2002 and 2003 and then on appeal.

The Planning Inspectorate – which refused the appeals – saidthose plans had an “unsatisfactory relationship” with the surroundings.

Banner Homes said: “The more comprehensive scheme now proposed addresses this issue.”

To view the plans and comment on the scheme click here and enter 2012 and 1779 in the two boxes.



  1. God, when will this ever end???

  2. Write or e-mail to the Council and p r o t e s t against this application. Go round the neighbours for their signatures!!