Saturday, 1 December 2012

Parking charges plan for Knowle

SHOPPERS will be charged to park for more than three hours in Knowle under plans from council bosses.

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Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council is looking at introducing charges of up to £2.40  (see below) in a bid to free up spaces and bring in funds for the cash-strapped local authority.


The council runs six free car parks with 313 spaces at the back of the Greswolde Arms, around the village hall, the back of Natwest, by Tesco and at Lodge Croft.

These are limited to two to four hours and charges would be expected to apply from 8am to 6pm.

It is to consult on three options for charges and the authority plans to have charges in place by July 1.

A council report said: “Demand for parking in Knowle remains high, with the spaces closest to the village’s shopping centre being well used. Vehicles can be seen frequently touring the car parks looking for space in the prime locations.

“In sufficient capacity has also been a problem in the past which leads to an increased level of parking in the adjacent un-restricted residential streets. It is also important to provide the right balance between short and long stay parking.

“Too much long stay parking from employees will prevent customers being able to access their preferred shopping facility.”

And it said enforcement by traffic wardens is “difficult and time consuming” and the council has to find funds for maintenance costs.

Charges would allow a “higher turnover of vehicles” and “a potential new source of revenue to help meet the council’s efficiency targets” it added.

The council’s parking services department has to make £449,500 savings by 2015. It said its budget - £1.2m this year – is under “significant pressure” from rising costs and under-use.

It said last month’s approval of a Waitrose supermarket for St John’s Close – expected by 2014 – will “increase demand for parking in the area generally”.

The plans - to also affect Shirley and Brueton and Malvern parks – come after the authority scrapped pay-on-foot machines for pay and display at its Mell Square car park.

Council cabinet member for transport Ted Richards will be asked to give his support at a meeting on December 6. Traders and councillors will then be consulted.

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  1. When parking charges are introduced restrictions on car parking in roads close to the village centre will also be needed, otherwise they will be clogged with all day paking.

  2. This action is a simple consequence of incoherent planning. The knock on effects of giving permission to major supermarkets to establish in small villages, as many in the community have already pointed out, is a substantial increase in traffic and associated parking problems. The same planners and councillors who assured us during the planning process that our village centre and residential roads are perfectly capable of taking the increased traffic from these developments and that provisions for additional car parking were adequate, predictably, are now telling us that we will now be charged to park our cars. No doubt, again predictably, soon we will be told we must have more yellow lines outside our houses. How long before all of our roads are covered with yellow lines. How long before we have to buy parking permits? This is not strategic planning, let alone sustainable development. If, indeed, we see these things happening to our villages, residents will rightly feel cynical about the local planning process and, sadly, may feel they have to question the competence and priorities of the planners who are supposed to be working for us!

  3. When Waitrose was being considered we had council officers saying that parking would not be a problem in Knowle. Now we have council officers telling us parking in Knowle is a problem. Does the left hand know what the right hand is doing? Indeed does each individual hand know what it is doing? It would be funny were it not for the fact that we pay these people's salaries through our council tax. Given that the car park behind the library is full during the day with cars belonging predominantly to people working in Knowle where on earth are they going to park in the future?

  4. The first time I had ever seen, and heard, anyone having a tantrum over parking was in Knowle. Funny how Mrs. "Do You Know Who I Am" reverts to being a screaming pikey from the council estate. Yes, we do need better parking but let some of the lazy people leave their cars at home. Has anyone tried to park at Bentley Heath shops lately?

  5. And where are the people who work in Knowle expected to park? Not everyone has private car parking.

  6. They will still be able to park, they will just have to pay for it!

    1. If you are on the minimum wage, as a lot of shopworkers in Knowle are, the cost of parking will be a big problem. Just because it's Knowle, not everybody earns a lot of money.

    2. Yes - and lots of shop workers are part time. Even less money to earn.

  7. Can the editor please remove these stupid people advertising top cars and part time jobs.

  8. I am removing the comments as quickly as possible and blocking the senders.

  9. Anothef nail in the coffin for Knowle. Once a lovely village with high street shopping, a bowling green and much, much more. Destroyed by disjointed Council decisions.

  10. Not really Keith
    Knowle looks better than it ever has and a Waitrose will improve it still further.
    Parking is an issue though and a difficult one to resolve.
    I do feel sorry for people who work in Knowle as they will be the ones affected

    1. How will it improve it when the whole of central part of knowle will be a traffic queue!

  11. So, let me see if I've got this right. Having a Waitrose in Knowle definitely won't cause a traffic problem. The Council said so, so it must be true.

    On the other hand, traffic will be so increased that the Council will have to charge people to make sure they don't stay too long.

    Do they really think we are all thick?

  12. Come the next local council election,,,

  13. The proposed parking plans are riduculous and will just mean workers will clog up many of the roads around the Village thus annoying residents and causing disharmony. Do people really need more than3 hours to shop in Knowle? NO. So the only people really affected are the workers.Perhaps some of the lazy parents that drive 100 yards up the road to drop off their children in their big gas guzzling cars might want to try using leg power.