Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Plan for 88 homes in Knowle

A PLAN has been submitted for 88 homes on fields to the back of Knowle Primary School.


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Miller Homes has submitted a planning application to Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council, which has long earmarked the land for housing.

The site – to be accessed off Hampton Road by Knowle Football Club – would include 35 affordable homes.

The fields were taken out the Green Belt by the council and included in its current and draft plan for where housing should go in Knowle in the next two decades.

Miller has proposed one, two bedroom flat; four, one bedroom flats; 12, two bedroom houses; 54, three bedroom houses; and 17, four bedroom houses.

To see a detailed layout of the plans click here (pdf, 3MB).

The firm said there is a “significant” shortfall of affordable housing in the borough.

It said: “The site occupies a sustainable location.

“It is located adjoining an urban area of a significant size with all the built development excluded from the Green Belt provides ready access to a range of services and facilities as well as offering significant public transport accessibility.

“Accordingly the location of the site is appropriate for residential development.”

The firm would give cash to expand Arden school, which is currently taking 1,222 but only has capacity for 1,200.

Two other sites have beenearmarked by the council for development, 115 homes at Middlefield, at the back of Arden School and 150 at Four Ashes Lane, Bentley Health.

Planning applications have not been submitted for these sites. The council could still refuse plans on issues such as design and mix of houses.

To see the full planning application click here and enter 2012 and 1928 in the two boxes.

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  1. If the council approves this project then they will be making a huge mistake, and will mean absolutley nothing in Knowle/Dorridge/Bentley Heath is safe.
    I believe in progress, but this is just mad. What is wrong in leaving the area the way it is? It is the way it is that makes it a desirable area to live. If plans like this are constantly being approved then it won`t be long before this lovely area is just like Acocks Green (nothing wrong with Acocks Green). What I mean is Acocks Green was once, and not all that long ago a country village, now it has been swallowed up by a city.
    The council is supposed to be looking after the best interests of the area and its people, not allowing more houses to be built so it can increase its revenue from council tax.
    The area does not have a shortage of houses, it is in demand because of the quality of living and good schools. If more houses are built then the quality of life will drop, as it usually does when villages become swallowed up by cities.

  2. And how exactly is Arden going to expand? If land at Middlefield is also to be built on, the school site is going to be even more hemmed in.

  3. Concerned Bentley Heath.20 December 2012 at 20:04

    I agree with the previous 2 comments and it seems a shame to despoil the areas mentioned, a local plan is obviously needed , maybe the Knowle Society can assist if the council planners will listen? .The main problem appears to be the bringing forward in the local plan these sites on the premiss of helping fund an existing capacity problem with Arden Academy an excellent school When the SMBC local consultation took place myself & several others were informed that these sites would be in phase 3 i.e. after 2021 to 2028.Somewhere along the way this was changed meaning that the information given by the planning dept representatives was false!! so why bother with consultation if all that it means is misinformation,begging the question why & for whose benefit was this changed? With Waitrose in the offing and care homes in Bentley Heath and Copt Heath in the pipeline , windfall developments in Dorridge what is the future for our aspiring area...... A very large building site over several years,the planning dept (or their replacement) certainly has their work cut out,sometimes better the devil you know.I am sorry for the worrying christmas ahead,but wish you all a merry christmas.

  4. The firm said there is a “significant” shortfall of affordable housing in the borough.

    This has always been the problem in this catchment area. I lived in Bentley Heath for 22 years before getting married. I then had to move away because we could not afford our first house in the area I was brought up in. So how much will these affordable houses/flats cost exactly ? Probably be still far too costly for first time buyers I bet. I come from a family that went back five generations in Knowle ,so we have seen many changes .

    Now when I visit I see too much traffic for roads that were never meant for such large volumes, what about the pollution too ? Any additional housing has a knock on affect on Drs. Hospitals Schools and Roads . Will the quality of life be reduced?

    By the way is Solihull's motto still Urbs in Rure, Town in the Country, I think it is time this was changed to A Birmingham suburb, this is what it is becoming.

  5. URBS IN RURE !!!

    Its about time the council started to look at its motto a little more closely and make a decision for what they actually stand for.

    The area is desirable because of the the way it is, if we keep building then I'm pretty sure we will need a 2nd Academy / Comprehensive as Arden will run out of space to build on. Then the council will make yet another stupid decision to build more houses to top up the numbers of the new Academy / Comprehensive.

    Before we know it we will have no countryside between Solihull and Knowle/Dorridge/Bentley Heath.

    I agree with the 1st post, there is not a shortage of houses. If there was a shortage of houses then why are so many not selling? Its a desirable area to live in, always has been and lets make damb sure it always will be.

  6. The firm said there is a “significant” shortfall of affordable housing in the borough.

    So why not build the affordable houses in an affordable area. There is a reason why houses cost more money in Knowle/Dorridge - It's an expensive and desirable area to live in.

    Does the London borough of Chelsea build affordable houses?? I think not!! If you cant afford the area, then you simply live elsewhere.

    1. NIMBY - The Chavs are coming !!!!!!!!!

  7. "Does the London borough of Chelsea build affordable houses?? I think not!!"

    The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea council does manage affordable housing:

    57 homes were completed in the borough in 2011/12:

  8. Im all for it.It's a way for others to buy property in areas that need folk like me.

  9. Why are people always comparing other areas, it's this area I'm worried about.

  10. oh dear the council are really coning people into thinking affordable housing means cheap houses to buy for young proffessinol familys ....AFFORDABLE HOUSING MEANS COUNCIL HOUSING! thats why they say some homes will be on the open market and a percentage will be affordable housing so then people who cant afford to buy atall can live there and people who are intitlled to housing benefit can afford to live in them and the people who get selected for those homes will come of the council waiting list! they also say affordable housing so that when people come to buy a house from the ones put on the market ,they dont have to say that the houses next to them are council they say they are affordable housing if asked which just sounds like the houses are cheaper

  11. affordable housing (council housing) should go to local people who already live in the area,but every time they build affordable housing and mix it with bought housing it never works the wharf lane estate anchor lane estate and the new development built on the site of the old Flemings hotel are prime examples 95 percent of the residents come from north Solihull and people who have perchased some of the properties on the open market wish they hadent! because they turn in to troubled areas.

  12. affordable housing wont bother people until its too late, boy racers graffiti anti social behaviour local schools with problem pupils crime rate goes up young anti social people hanging around ....give it five years and watch this space council estates have to start somewere marsden green was once nice how much has chelmsley wood swallowed up as it grew and grew now the council are looking for new places to start growing estates and there starting with knowle and Bentley heath first and exspansion will be in the pipeline! a percentage of all homes built by developers has to go to affordable housing ,nice wording to cover up what it is.

  13. For the past year I have been scouring Birmingham looking for places of interest and one thing stood out for me. There are swathes of wasteland, and many many derelict buildings throughout the city. In other words no shortage of brownfield sites on which to build "affordable housing".

    Look no further than Acocks Green, the site (,-1.8117296,210m/data=!3m1!1e3 ) on the A41 opposite Gospel Lane and Zorba's, or the area just south of Tysley Station.

    Allowing building on Greenfield sites is mindless, and lazy on the part of planners, it should not be allowed until there genuinely is no where else to build. Whatever happened to recycling?

  14. I lived inknowle for many years but in order to buy my own property I had to live in olton because I couldnt afford knowle. after many years I am moving back and I feel the amount of development here is sadly ruining this once rural village. However i find some of the previous comments about affordable housing to be small minded and I think there should be some affordable housing,why shouldnt people of lesser means live here, I earn very little because I work in a domiciliary care home, I spend my life doing kind things for others, I think I am an asset to any community and so are many others like me, so why shouldnt this area be a place people like me can afford to live in.

  15. Well
    folks! Just to throw another log in the fire,they're are talks to sell the football club and cricket club next door to the site on Hampton rd to a farmer so he can then sell to developers! The clubs will be moved further up Hampton rd by Blythe Fisheries even though the land that the clubs are on was left to the people of Knowle in trust and is being sold in a very under handed way!

    1. WOW ! Did wonder where all the Knowle common land had gone !