Thursday, 6 December 2012

Rail season tickets rise up to 9.2%

DORRIDGE commuters face season ticket increases as high as 9.2 per cent under new rail fares announced today.

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Chiltern Railways today announced its prices for journeys from January 2.

It comes after Chancellor George Osborne said regulatedfares can rise up to an average 4.2 per cent for each operator.

Chiltern said average fares along its routes to London will be 3.5 per cent which is “significantly lower than the average industry increase of 3.9 per cent”.

But season tickets from Dorridge will be as high as 9.1 per cent, figures on the National Rail Enquiries website show.

Those with a 12 month season ticket for trains that stop at High Wycombe will pay an extra £612, with a new pass costing £7,312. See the full figures below.

The most expensive season ticket, for any route, will go up 4.2 per cent.