Thursday, 31 January 2013

Bentley Heath OAP flats approved

A PLAN for a two-storey building for 52 flats for OAPs in Bentley Heath was approved by Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council's planning committee last night. Click here for background details.


  1. Another step closer to the coalescence of Bentley Heath and Dorridge.
    it is a shame that this greenfield area will be lost forever and local residents
    aspects despoiled.However I note the Highways Dept raise no objections.So I would like to see the engineer also made CULPABLE when the accidents occur at this entrance which I deem arguably to close to the limits of their
    distance criteria to the small hump back type narrow bridge on this 40 mph distributor road.

  2. Here here, well said.
    I agree about the planning and the potential accidents. Why oh is the planning department over looking so many potential problems. Yes we do need additional housing in the area, but please SMBC consider the environment and the road safety (once the environment has gone, its gone for ever). Think about the area and STOP pleasing the contractors, no matter how much they are paying.