Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Sainsbury's wins petrol station permission

SAINSBURY’S has won permission to re-open Dorridge’s petrol station, saying it will be ready for business by the spring.

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Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council has given the firm permission to refurbish the closed former Total garage in Grange Road.

It said there will be a new shopfront, “upgraded” forecourt and car wash and a “small Sainsbury’s kiosk offering convenience goods as well as a new cash machine”.

It said former employees had worked at other Sainsbury’s petrol stations in the area and will be offered jobs at the Dorridge station.

The firm is also set to redevelop Forest Court for a major superstore.

Regional town planner Jaime Powell said: “We are delighted with this approval and look forward to reopening the petrol station in Dorridge.

“Now that we have received planning permission we will be finalising the program of works and aim to have the petrol station open in the spring.”

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