Sunday, 17 February 2013

Sainsbury's acknowledges "frustration" at store wait

SAINSBURY’S has said it has no news to tell residents about when work will start on a Dorridge superstore but acknowledged “frustration” at the wait.

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The firm posted a short statement on its Facebook page after a resident left a picture of boarded up Forest Court demanding action.

Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council gave permission for the scheme in November 2011 but work has not started.

The firm said it would reply to posts expressing concern that work had not started. Some 372 people have commented so far.

But its latest post says: “I'm sorry we weren't able to post the update as hoped yesterday.

“I understand you're frustrated at being kept waiting, but please accept my personal assurances that we're still reviewing this with our colleagues and will post again as soon as we receive an update. Thanks again, Ross.”

Lynda Hatcher posted the picture, writing: "This is my village - "like" if you think the residents of Dorridge deserve better. 

"Our Sainsburys store should be nearly finished and instead, after months of waiting , we are left with this, AND NO TIMETABLE FOR STARTING OR COMPLETION."

It comes after Sainsbury’s won council permission for changes to the former Total petrol station in Grange Road. It says it will re-open by spring.

Ralph Lilley wrote on the Facebook page: “Does Sainsbury really expect local support when they eventually build?

“Is this for locals or to import custom or have they had second thoughts on the traffic etc and the real economics of what they are doing? Be nice if they gave us the petrol station back too.”

Manty Stanley said: “This is a disgrace, come on Sainsbury's pull your finger out and get on with the site or LET SOMEONE ELSE DEVELOP IT!”

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  1. Keep these comments and "Likes" coming. See the link above or visit

    Spread the word.

  2. What about agreeing a time to send an email to Sainsbury's or a concerted postal protest? Sheer volume would cause them a little of the frustration we are feeling.

  3. I will now avoid Sainsbury for my main shop forthwith.

    Ex Supporter

  4. I have a suspicion that there's an unwritten third limb of Mr King's 'economic viability' argument (beyond the sales area and operating conditions): Knowle Waitrose.

    Of course, the irony is that Sainsbury's has by its actions effectively granted Waitrose a collosal headstart in the race for the local market in at least two ways:

    1)from an operational perspective, because Waitrose may be open first, and once people; and

    2)from a marketing perspective, because Sainsbury's current actions are causing it to haemorrage whatever community goodwill it had managed to rustle up in the first place.