Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Sainsbury's pledges update after Facebook protest

SAINSBURY’S has pledged to update Dorridge residents on its plans for Forest Court after a fed up resident put a picture of boarded up Forest Court on its Facebook page.


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The company has said it will provide information for its project for the village, which won approval from Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council in November 2011.

Resident Lynda Hatcher wrote on the company's Facebook page: “This is my village – ‘like’ if you think the residents of Dorridge deserve better.

“Our Sainsburys store should be nearly finished and instead, after months of waiting , we are left with this, AND NO TIMETABLE FOR STARTING OR COMPLETION.”

On Sunday, the company posted: “I don't have any information to hand about this but I'll certainly ask our Property team and come back to you.”

It said it will post information on Wednesday.

So far, 185 have ‘liked’ Mrs Hatcher’s post and more than 40 have commented.

Suzanne Bennett Myatt wrote: “Come on Sainsbury's - a timetable is the least we can expect. Don't lose support before you even start building here!”

Diane Morris added: “I think it's a shame that we have to end up with a ruddy great eye sore.”

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