Friday, 26 April 2013

Consultation opens on Knowle parking charges plan

A CONSULTATION has opened on plans to charge drivers to park in Knowle for three hours or more.

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Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council is seeking views on the plans, aimed at freeing up spaces. For details on how to respond click here.

Motorists will be able to park for free up to three hours and then 50p for three to four hours; £1 for four to five hours; £1.50 for five to six hours and £2 for more than six hours.

They would not be able to return within two hours to the six council car parks affected, by the Village Hall, Natwest, Greswolde pub and Tesco.

Charges would apply Monday to Saturday, 8am to 6pm including public and bank holidays. Drivers would need to get a free ticket for the first three hours.

Those without a valid ticket face fines of £25 to £70 depending on how soon they are paid and the severity of the offence.

A council notice said cabinet member for transport and highways and Knowle ward members
“in the main are supportive of the need to introduce the proposed management system”.

Similar proposals have also been put forward throughout the borough, including at Malvern and Brueton park (full details here).

The Silhillian last monthreported an informal consultation on the plans raised concerns about its impact on business, the Village Hall and the lack of public transport as an alternative.

There were also concerns it would push drivers onto residential streets.

A council report says: “However, the scheme will provide a flexible approach to how the car parks are managed in Knowle in the future, which will be monitored to review its impact and it will also enable the car parks to generate an income.”

It adds: “The system will also encourage customers to stay for less than three hours, which will allow more customers to access the available local retails and leisure facilities.”

It says the plan is expected to bring in £13,500 from 9,500 visits, giving £7,860 savings after operating costs have been taken out.

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  1. Do the council really believe given the choice that people who need to park in a car park in Knowle all day will pay £2.00 or find a free parking spot in the nearest residential street thus causing more misery for local residents

  2. I feel that returning to the car to place a ticket doubles the risk of a person being injured or a car being dented in these busy car parks with narrow bays . If they go pay and display it will put me off shopping there at all even if the ticket is free .

    1. LOL.

      Are you on drugs?

    2. The parking bays were made years ago when cars where smaller, go back 10 or 15 years and picture a large Volvo estate, they were huge. Nowadays an your average family sallon, say a Mondeo is bigger. cars are getting bigger.

      But I really dont see that going to get a ticket will incure people getting injured. Does that mean you dont use a trolley in the supermarket, or are you one those people who dumps it.

  3. I think a lot of people will pay the £2 for this parking.
    I don't think pay and display will put many people off shopping in knowle - where would I go instead when its so convenient for me.
    Don't think this is a bad idea - parking is a problem and this seems a reasonable approach to it

    1. You are so wrong! people will only pay when all the free spaces in the nearby streets are taken. I live in Dorridge and unless I try to find parking on a Friday between 12-2 pm, there is always plenty of space available. Regardless of all the excuses, the council is just after easy money.

  4. A lot of people will also choose to park in a residential street for free.

  5. I really dont see why most of the local residents who are within walking distance (lets say 1/2 mile) and those of cycling distance (say 1 mile) dont walk or cycle.

    You will be fitter, Save on petrol money (or diesel if you are a fashion conscious TDI driver), and its far better for the environment. Oh and you wont be putting more money into the council pot, because you wont be paying for parking.

    After all Knowle/Dorridge/Bentley Heath is a relatively small area.

  6. It is always going to be a nightmare to park in Knowle whether there is pay and display or not, the car parks we have are too small and compact that they're awkward even to drive around let alone get a space.

    I work in Knowle, we don’t have an appointed car park, and I am forever doing laps around the village to find a space; occasionally yes I have had to settle for a spot in the nearest residential street and unfortunately I believe that pay and display will only encourage this not decrease it. If not in nearby streets, the pub car parks will be abused also. I think the majority of people will try and park anywhere else before somewhere they have to can always guarantee a space in Greswolde car park...but I would be interested to see how this affects Knowle Workers not just the residents.

    Saying that I can see how it would be a benefit, for example the only free all day car park to the rear of Knowle Library. Although a god-send if I manage to get a space, the way people park in there is unbelievable. Many cars take up two spaces and many others just create their own spaces on the end of rows which creates such awkward angles that you either get stuck in a space or can't get in one! Let alone trying to drive around it. Although really this just demonstrates the high need for parking in Knowle.

  7. It will all improve with waitrose!!