Thursday, 4 April 2013

Four Ashes homes plan approved

A PLAN for 44 homes off Four Ashes Road, Bentley Heath was approved by councillors last night. Click here for background details.

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  1. "Has Goliath beaten David I assume the legal challenge will now be gone, and respect the saving to our community charge.With the introduction of 10.3 metre high 3 storey dwellings is this in keeping with the character and density in this rural area?.,the site size containing 44 dwelling is comparable to one property opposite is this also in keeping and respecting the character of the area? The term" Natural Surveillance " is used is this the new word for overlooking and loss of privacy? Future generations will be able to look back at this development and may ask does this support our motto "Urbs In Rure" the answer may be yes the planners have certainly moved the" Town into the Country." and put the URBAN into RURAL. The loss of this last greenfield area means new residents from this( sustainable ? ) site will now be able to support our village shops and carry their shopping home across the recreation ground avoiding the use of their vehicles or they may want to shop in Knowle a mere 40-50 minutes away by public transport again avoiding cars journeys.Are the developers going to wait until Arden Academy has capacity available.? Progress leads to so many imponderables"