Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Knowle care home plans to be re-submitted

PLANS for a 60-bed care home in Knowle are to be resubmitted to secure the future of the Old Silhillians Sports Club.


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Gracewell Healthcare is to put in the same plans to Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council after the authority threw out the scheme in December.

While councillors approved refurbishment and extension of the clubhouse, the club says it needs to sell part of its site – fronting the Warwick Road – for a care home to fund the work.

Councillors found the benefits to the club do “not outweigh the substantial harm to the Green Belt”. A council planning officer recommended they approve the plan.

Kathy Else, the planning consultant for Gracewell, said: “The sports club is struggling financially and failing to keep up with the maintenance and improvement of the club facilities.

“Indeed the clubhouse is in desperate need of upgrading in order to provide the necessary changing facilities to comply with Sport England requirements.”

Gracewell will argue the council “misunderstood” the home to be a “residential retirement home” but will be a “residential institution’ similar to a hospital, where 24 hour care is provided and will specialise in dementia care”. 

It said it will provide extra information “to demonstrate the overwhelming need for the care home” and a sequential test “to demonstrate that this is the most suitable, available and deliverable site within a five mile radius of the site location”.

It would include guarantees that all cash would go to the clubhouse and information to “justify the need for the improved sports facilities” from Sport England, Football Association, Rugby Football Union and National Hockey.

A planning application will be submitted in May for a council decision.
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  1. Terrible idea a monstrosity on the entrance road to Knowle,it will be visible from the main road particularly during autumn & winter and is therefore not an improvement or in keeping with the area. We are already losing a greenfield site in Knowle for 88 dwellings,another greenfield site in Bentley Heath for 44 dwelling and 51 Extra care apartments staffed 24/7 and now this proposal is for a RESIDENTIAL INSTITUTION ! and they will be able to justify the overwhelming need for care!,what is wrong with the recent extra care home granted permission in Bentley Heath? Perhaps if this is permitted the council will be rubbing their hands with glee at the extra income generated from all these sites as well as the section 106 payments. It is a shame that money appears to be the primary motive for all this development with no consideration for the area or its residents

  2. Well said - also don't forget the large McCarthy & Stone development on the high street - the Hall Farm development on Kenilworth Road and new dwellings to replace Sunny Mount on Kenilworth Road!!

  3. "Concerned Bentley Heath" - are you not missing the fact that the money is desperately required to fund urgently needed work to the Sports club? Surely that IS giving consideration to the area and its residents? Without the funding, the club might have to cut back, or even close, which, whilst it might not affect you, will affect the 600+ children and adults from the local area that use the facilities. And surely, if the sports club closes, there is even more of an issue with potential development......

  4. Green belt land can be saved and money raised as in previous comments attached copy below....


    Concerned Knowle21 December 2012 17:15
    I wish the old sills good luck with the new Silhillian sports club may it continue to benefit the community,and ensure the continuation of this green belt area which should not be eroded by finanacial considerations


    Anonymous23 December 2012 09:13
    Where does the money to refurbish the Club come from without the sale of the land? Father Christmas?


    Concerned Knowle28 December 2012 17:43
    The plans will “allow the continued survival of the Old Sihillians Sports Club” it said as the new facility would be transferred to a new club, the Sihillians Sports Club (SSC).

    This will give it more legal rights to access grant cash, it adds, as it would be a community amateur sports club and not a private company.

    I trust this statement from the above article will avoid you writing to Father Christmas.