Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Plan to cut Knowle speed limits

SPEED limits should be cut in three Knowle roads, a council review says.

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Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council wants to make the following reductions:

* Hampton Road – 60mph to 40mph: from existing  30mph limit in Knowle to Knowle Road.

* Jacobean Lane – 60mph to 50mph: from Barston Lane to existing 30mph limit in Knowle.

* Kixley Lane - 60mph to 30mph.

A consultation runs to May 20. For details of how to respond click here.

The review also proposes changes to the Barston, Catherine de Barnes and Balsall Common areas. For a map of all proposals, click here.

The council reviewed speed limits on A and B roads in 2010 after a request by The Department for Transport (DfT) and cut 23 borough limits.

It said: “This led to some inconsistencies on the Borough’s road network and we now have some local roads that are lower quality which have a higher speed limit than an adjoining higher quality A or B classified road.

“We have carried out speed checks on all of the roads where we are proposing a change. Through these surveys we found that most drivers are already travelling at or below the limits proposed, so we are hoping that these proposals will ensure everyone travels at a more appropriate speed.”

But it said the DfT had turned down the council’s request for a “rural zone speed limit pilot” which would use fewer signs.

The council said: “They will not consider this until they have completed their review of the traffic sign regulations in 2014.”

Meriden MP Caroline Spelman said: “This a golden opportunity for residents of the three villages and those who use local roads to put forward their views on a matter which affects them all.”

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