Saturday, 13 April 2013

Switch speed cameras back on, council urged

SOLIHULL’S speed cameras must be switched back on, a motion to councillors says.

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Members of Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council will be asked to back the motion after the last of the West Midlands’ cameras were turned off on April 1.

The West Midlands Casualty Reduction Scheme turned off the devices after its funding from councils was cut.

Until 2007 fines cash went to the organisations but it now goes direct to the Treasury.

The motion, from Labour Kingshurst & Fordbridge member David Jamieson, says: “This Ccuncil is deeply concerned at the decommissioning of the remaining safety cameras on our roads in Solihull which have saved lives, particularly of children and the elderly and calls on the Coalition Government to reintroduce the previous system whereby speeders paid for the operation of the cameras by their fines being returned to local Safety Partnerships.”

The council will meet on Tuesday.

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