Sunday, 19 May 2013

Dorridge nursery plan revised over road concerns

PLANS for the biggest nursery in Knowle and Dorridge have been revised to cut staff and add more parking following concerns from highway bosses.


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The Natural Childcare Company has submitted a revised planning application for Bentley Manor, Box Trees Road, Dorridge to Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council.

It development would include a cafĂ©, a children’s hair dresser, beauty room, training room and “party room”.

Following concerns from its highways department, it now proposes 30 parking spaces instead of 23 in its previous January application and 25 instead of about 30 staff.

The department said the visibility is obstructed at the entrance because of vegetation and the bend of the 50mph road, which had no footpath.

It also said it had not been shown the site would provide “sufficient parking”.

The nursery firm said extraparking had been found by demolishing a garage and putting five spaces on a grassed area. “Financial incentives” will be offered for staff to car share it said.

It said parent visits are staggered and accumulation of cars would be “very low” and vegetation has been trimmed back. This means the visibility has been “dealt with” it said.

The building – currently offices – would take children aged up to five from 7.30am to 12.45pm or 1pm to 6pm or all day.

The firm said the facility is needed as there are currently two children for every nursery place in Knowle, Dorridge and Hockley Heath.

The planning application seeks permission from Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council to change the building’s official use from offices to education.

 To see the new application click here and enter 2013 and 646 in the two boxes.

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  1. Improved parking on-site, but still only a one car entrance, which could lead to congestion on Box Trees as parents queue to get in. Looks a simple enough job to widen the entrance.

  2. This scheme should go ahead as there is a great need for nursery places in the area