Monday, 3 June 2013

Sainsbury's bid for longer petrol station delivery times

SAINSBURY’S has bid for ealier and later delivery times at its new petrol station in Dorridge ahead of its opening on Friday.


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The firm wants deliveries from 6am to 10pm Monday to Saturday and from 7am to 10pm on Sunday.

This compares to 8am to 6pm Monday to Saturday and no deliveries on Sunday allowed by Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council. The council will decide on the new plans.

The council restricted opening hours “to protect the neighbourhood from an increase in ambient noise levels”.

The former Total petrol station, in Grange Road, closed last year and will re-open at 9am on Friday.

Works have since taken place at the site, to include a cash machines. It will open from 6am to 10pm Monday to Saturday and 8am to 8pm on Sunday.

The supermarket giant has angered some in its approach to planning.

Plans for a supermarket at Forest Court were thrown out by councillors in 2010 but smaller plans were approved in November 2011.

Yet it said in February that work would not start in the year ahead due to worsening economic conditions. 

In April, it said it would apply for a 16 per cent larger store and pledged to start work within six months if this is approved. The firm today confirmed the application had yet to be submitted.

In a press release, petrol station manager Sue Stacey said: “I am really looking forward to welcoming customers to the upgraded petrol station in Dorridge. Everything looks great and the staff are all raring to go.”

A Sainsbury’s press release today said:  “The petrol station team has already been getting involved with the local community.

“Bottles of water have been donated to the Dorridge Fun Run and kayaks to Challenge Adventure Group, a youth charity providing challenging adventures for young people in Dorridge, Knowle and the surrounding areas.”

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  1. Well who would have guessed it. Does anyone remember the original Shirley store had no petrol station as planned but a strangely suitable parking area. Do they really think folk are that gullible? Extended delivery times will be expected to read across to the store should it ever happen.

    As for the staff being raring to go that will be a first; they used to find it hard to break off their Mobile phones previously.

    Ah well Tesco's it will remain at his rate.

  2. 'The staff have been getting involved with the community.' What a load of guff! As if handing out a few bottles of water redresses the balance caused by disrupting life around the clock.

    This is the thin end of the wedge. Stainsburys want everything bigger, open longer and horribly oranger.

  3. Bad news. Especially Sundays.

  4. Sainsbury's, you continue to exacerbate the situation!

  5. We shoud all boycott the petrol station until the store is built.

  6. Sounds to me like a typical Sainsburys Corporate Computer negotiating ploy: ask for Sundays deliveries (which it doesn't need) and hope to get extended weekday operating hours (which it would like). Nothing has changed since Sainsburys applied for planning permission. Our Council should stick, firmly, to its original democratically arrived at decisions - both on petrol deliveries and on the selling floor area for the main store.

  7. Let this be a warning to all you people who think that Sainsbury has the best interests of our community at heart.
    They have only one motive PROFIT.

    Wake up before it is too late

  8. And so it goes on, dorridge will be eaten alive by a supermarket. BEWARE

  9. Sainsbury's put out this statement today:

    The planning permission attached to the Total Garage on Grange Road, Dorridge did not allow for deliveries to be made on Sundays or Bank Holidays.
    Sainsbury's has therefore applied to Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council to amend the permission to align the delivery hours to the permitted opening hours, which are 6am-10pm (Monday-Saturday) and 7am-10pm (Sundays & Bank Holidays).
    If approved, this amendment to delivery times would allow deliveries of fuel to be made over Bank Holiday weekends, should they be required, and the delivery of items such as newspapers on Sundays.
    For any questions regarding the development, please call Rhodri Burridge on Sainsbury’s Freephone 0800 975 5299

  10. The words "wedge" and "thin end of" spring to mind.

    1. Eat it and you can have your cayak.

  11. Dorridge scouts are now asking Sainsburys for sponsorship. This is dispicable behaviour and I doubt that the parents of Dorridge scouts, explorers, cubs and beavers, a great many of whom joined the campaign against Sainsburys taking over Dorridge in the manner that they are doing - are aware of this.
    I understand that scouts is a charitable organisation and should not be inviting supermarkets to finance new equipment, upgrades to the hut etc.
    This is dispicable and should be in the public domain.

    1. A charitable organisation asks for support from a national company, common sense and not at all despicable

  12. Just as under-hand as Dr Upton and partners accepting financial help from Sainsbury to update THEIR surgery that has been allowed to deteriorate to terrible state.

    1. What a petty and despicable person you appear to be - I assume you are not registered with the Dorridge. If you are then you are a total hypocrite.

    2. Bayden - I didn't make the above comment, but I don't think it's hypocritical to use your local doctors whilst not being in favour of them taking a thinly veiled bribe in the form of a massive cash injection for their business.

      I DO think it's hypocritical of the doctors to lend their support to a development that will sell shedloads of fags, booze and unhealthy processed foods, as well as attracting lots of harmful pollution to the area.

      Perhaps they've taken the hypocritc oath. Haha etc...

  13. I think it's a good thing if Sainsbury's do stuff for the area.
    Doctor's surgery improvement and Station Approach buildings improvement. If we can get them to help improve the hideous scout hut all to the good.

  14. Dispicable is a bit strong. also deliveries will not be a big deal if they are happening when the garage is open. Some perspective needed.

  15. I used the refurbished petrol station today.

    Very nice

    No complaints at all.

    Served by delightful friendly staff.

  16. Sainsbury's is in Dorridge. Either they can be in Dorridge and supporting the Scouts. Or they can be in Dorridge and not supporting the Scouts. Either way - they're in Dorridge. It's just that one way the Scouts get some financial support for the work they do with the young people of Dorridge - the other they don't. Doesn't sound too despicable (or dispicable!) a plan really.