Monday, 12 August 2013

Nursery plan approved

COUNCILLORS have given permission for a major new nursery in Dorridge, despite concerns about traffic.

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Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council’s planning committee has approved The Natural Childcare Company’s plan for a 90-place nursery at Bentley Manor, Box Trees Road.

Yet the company will need to provide a traffic plan on how the development will be managed.

A council planning officer said converting the office building “would provide much needed nursery accommodation to residents of Knowle and Dorridge”.

Yet it raised concerns over access from 50mph Box Tree Road, which has no footpath or lighting.

It says: “The applicant asserts that customers would arrive by car and therefore in the balancing exercise of the benefits of the building in terms of its reuse, employment created and the setting for children using the site outweighs that of concerns for highway safety.

“However, staff will also need to access the site and not all may have access to a car, and there may be occasion where customers using the nursery for reasons outside their control wish to access the site by bus so also requiring walking along Box Trees Road.”

These “significant” concerns “outweigh the benefits provided by the scheme” it said.

The nursery would open from 7.30am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 1pm on Saturday and create 25 jobs.

A previous planning application was withdrawn over council officers’ concerns and the new scheme boosts parking spaces from 23 to 30.

And the report said concerns about visibility at the junction into the site had been overcome after more information was supplied.

Two residents supported and two objected to the plan, the report says.

Neil Sayer wrote: “I think that this development is likely to cause extremely dangerous and potentially fatal traffic issues outside its gates.”

Celia Roberts added: “The nearly blind pull-out from Earlswood Road (opposite Bentley Manor) on to Box Trees Road is already hazardous because of the bend and the addition of cars entering/exiting the narrow entrance  to the nursery opposite would add to the danger.”

But Michelle Lister said: “There is currently a lack of good quality childcare in the local area and the proposed nursery will help to address this.”

Abbie Payton said: “I am in support of this application because parents in Dorridge and the surrounding villages are crying out for a good quality private nursery.”

And Rebecca Cooper said “Most parents drive their children (as going on to work etc) so its rural location means that additional traffic will be away from pedestrian areas.”


  1. Is it going to be painted orange?

  2. No, that's reserved for Sainsbury's in Arden - earstwhile Dorridge!

  3. From what I can ascertain the applicants for this setting are the same as the ones who have just closed Tommy's in Knowle after getting an Ofsted Inadequate. Therefore I would query the reference to quality childcare !

    1. Due to inadequate manager, and oweners

    2. I am not sure how you have come to the conclusion that the Directors of The Natural Childcare Company one and the sames as those who have just closed Tommy's in Knowle as it only takes one to check on the internet to ascertain that they are not.

      Interestingly the Director listed for TOMMY NURSERY SCHOOL KNOWLE LIMITED is also listed as the Director of TOMMY NURSERY SCHOOL HOLLY FARM LIMITED and funnily enough THE NATURAL CARING KIDS COMPANY LIMITED who I believe opened at the same premises after Tommy's at Holly Farm closed.

  4. the above comment about tommy's is very interesting... there are two nurseries with a very similar name... The Natural Childcare Company and The Natural Caring Kids Company... The Natural Caring Kids Company has been linked in the past with the owner of Tommy's and has been listed under his business' online (although the manager/owner denied links to him) yet this nursery is where another Tommy's was previously in sutton (same building)... now both these nurseries are listed as closed on the ofsted website and now Tommy's in knowle is too... I would really not be surprised if there was a link between all of these and if there is then parents should really inquire into who owns this business and really think twice about sending their children to a nursery that is potentially run by the owner of the recently closed Tommy's Nursery School in Knowle.

  5. Tim Landreth - Director The Natural Childcare Company Limited6 October 2013 at 22:32

    I am a Director of the Natural Childcare Company Limited. I would like to state that we have absolutely no link with either of the other organisations noted in previous comments.

    We currently operate an OFSTED Outstanding nursery in Shirley, that is well respected by the Solihull Council Early Years Team.

    Staff, parents and visitors all appreciate our approach to the safety, care and education of children, an approach that we will continue at the new Bentley Manor site.

    Please get in touch should you require any further reassurance or assistance at this difficult time.

  6. I am a parent of a child at The Natural Childcare Company in Shirley and I would recommend them to anybody. My son has been with them since he was 9 months old and although I miss him, I walk away from the nursery safe in the knowledge that he is extremely well cared for and very happy. He stretches his arms out in the morning for a cuddle with the nursery nurses and when I arrive to collect him he often doesn't notice I'm there because he is happy and playing. As a Mum you cannot ask for more.

  7. My Children who are now 8 and 11 years old were both at The Natural Childcare Company in Shirley from the day it opened until they started school, my eldest also attended the nursery where Katie Landreth, the co Director of said nursery had previously been a manager and it was for this reason when Katie opened The Natural Childcare Company I had no hesitation as to follow Katie in new venture. I am pleased to say I was never disappointed in making that decision, Katie and her team have in my opinion, always put the children's interest at the heart of nursery, which has been endorsed by OFSTED as an outstanding nursery.

    My girls have good memories of their time at The Natural Childcare Company and I would and have recommend the nursery to anyone looking for excellent childcare.

  8. I have two children at Natural Childcare Company in Shirley and am fully aware of the sister nursery opening soon in Bentley Heath. I can confirm that there is absolutely no link whatsoever between these nurseries and the ones shut down. Unfortunately there appears to be some confusion over the names but that is the only similarity. The NCC is a superb nursery and if they can continue their Outstanding track record in Bentley Heath then society will benefit enormously. Not least, our children.