Saturday, 3 August 2013

Parking fine warning over upside down tickets

DRIVERS who use council car parks are being warned they face fines if tickets are displayed upside down.

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Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council said it has seen an increase in drivers “not displaying their ticket properly”.

These include “tickets are left upside down, dropped into the footwell, or simply not to be seen at all” it said.

A council statement said: “In these cases, the civil enforcement officer has no choice but to give the driver a parking fine.”

Drivers can overturn fines on appeal if they can produce a valid ticket. The authority said it gets about 50 appeals of this type a month.

Fines range from £25 to £70 depending on the severity of the offence and how soon it is paid.

Cabinet member for transport and highways Ted Richards said: “We’re asking people to ensure that their ticket is clearly displayed.

“We know the majority of these cases are genuine mistakes, but it saves a lot of time, effort and upset all round if people simply take a second look before leaving their car.”

Town centre car parks are: Church Hill Car Park; Council House; Dominion Court;
Lode Lane; Marks & Spencer; Mell Square and Monkspath Hall.

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