Friday, 20 September 2013

Council pays £2.3m in redundancy

COUNCIL bosses spent £2.3m on redundancy payouts in the last financial year, new figures show.

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Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council spent £2,337,000 on 126 payouts from cash-saving restructuring schemes.

They include 22 people who worked for Solihull Connexions Service, which offered careers advice. Schools took on the role last Spetember.

Some 24 were also made redundant when council-owned residential care home in Solihull Lodge closed.

A further 24 went from the Solihull School Improvement and Advisory Service (SIAS)  along with £177,000 of payouts to library staff.

A council report said: “Although the severance costs in this report are significant, the Council has been able to delete a large number of posts and deliver savings in service costs totalling £3.6m per annum.”
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  1. Just divide 2.377 by126 and see what number you get. Then look at minimum statutory redundancy payments. It will then become obvious what this is. It is a very generous severance/early retirement scheme that is offered to long serving friends. More importantly it is funded by taxpayers. In addition a lot of these people will be paid part time or consultancy to fill the gap they have left. It is a national disgrace that has gone on for decades. A really good journalist would have a field day scratching at this.

  2. The income from saying yes to housing developments helps to fund situations like this.October 2011 -October 2012 published figures show that £i,874,822,was received for bringing housing stock into use and premiums for affordable homes and units.Perhaps this is why the planning committee appear to be passing all these new developments in line with government thinking of course.It is just a pity that income from all this growth comes before the ruination of our open spaces and green countryside. Our motto should be changed to "URBS IN RUIN"

  3. Just simply a disgrace! The council have looked after their friends at the tax payers expense!