Monday, 30 September 2013

Sainsbury's permissions "near"

FINAL permissions will be given for a Sainsbury’s plan for Dorridge by mid-October, allowing work to start the firm has said.

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It previously pledged to open at Forest Court, Dorridge by the end of next year after winning permission for a bigger scheme.

The firm won approval from Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council for a 2,276sqm sales area development compared to 1,812sqm before by changing internal plans.

The overall building size will not change and the extra space is for non-food sales, to include a cafe. Car spaces will increase by five to 184.

The approved plan is 26 per cent larger than the one passed in 2011. A 2,462sqm plan was rejected in 2010

A statement dated September 26 says: “Sainsbury’s is pleased with the progress on the legal agreement with Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council relating to the planning permission for Sainsbury’s development in Dorridge, which we hope will lead to planning permission being issued in the next two to three weeks.

“Meanwhile, work is continuing to be carried out by all parties behind the scenes in order to progress the development.

“In addition to this, Sainsbury’s is aiming to begin work on the Station Road properties in the coming weeks.”

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  1. 'we hope'... 'aiming to' . More weasel words from PR floozies at Gough Bailey Wrong.

  2. There is movement on the Sainsbury's front - but not a peep out of Waitrose.
    Goes to show the Waitrose - good / Sainsbury's - bad mentality is a strange one.
    All big business is about money and that's the bottom line.

  3. Will Waitrose still come to Knowle if they now have a site in Solihull?

  4. Waitrose has pulled out of knowle and now pursuing a larger site in Solihull centre

  5. Today's news shows Sainsbury's are making money online and in smaller convenience stores.

    BBC news

    That's probably what they should be building in Dorridge - not this massive one. At this size, it's inconvenient for locals and unprofitable for Sainsbury's.

    Perhaps the continuing delay means that that penny has dropped in the Sainsbury's boardroom. We can but hope!

  6. Has Waitrose actually pulled out of Knowle, or will they keep both stores?

    Anybody know for definite?

  7. no not as far as I know Waitrose will have two stores in Knowle and Solihull are both going ahead great news.

  8. Knowle waitrose is NOT going ahead!

  9. They have started clearing the bowling green so I assume it is going ahead ..

  10. Really hope it goes ahead as it will easily outshine sainsburys which will be another faceless oversized warehouse made even worse by its difficult location which will be a nightmare to navigate at busy times

  11. Shopping at Waitrose is expensive but it will be good for Knowle I think - the up-market thing and seem reasonably sized for its location.
    Sainsbury's in Dorridge will be more useful though - you will be able to do a proper shop. Looking forward to both being up and running. Dorridge is a dire hole at the moment.