Sunday, 13 October 2013

Knowle parking charges from November 6

CHARGES will be introduced for long-stays in Knowle car parks on November 6, Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council has announced.

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Shoppers must display a free ticket for up to three hours Monday to Saturday from 8am to 6pm, including public holidays.

Up to four hours will be 50p; up to five hours £1; up to six hours £1.50 and up to 10 hours £2. Drivers will not be able to return within two hours of ticket expiry.

Disabled blue badge holders will not be affected. Those who breach the terms could be slapped with a parking ticket.

Six free permits will be given to “residents with no alternative off-street parking facility for use in the car park to the rear of the Greswolde Arms Public House only”.

A further 40 season tickets for the car park will be allocated for £120 every three months and £470 a year.

They previously led to a raft of objections from businesses and residents.

They said workers and residents who do not have their own parking will be hit, while the developer of a planned Waitrose store for St John’s Close raised concerns.

The “free and display” system has already been introduced at four other borough car parks, including Brueton and Malvern parks.

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  1. The logic of this baffles me. There are no new parking spaces being created so the intention ' to free up car parking spaces can only be achieved by changing drivers' behaviour. I would be interested to see the Council's risk analysis, indicators of success, their contingency plan and, in due course, the results of their monitoring. I for one, will be deterred from popping in to Knowle, parking for just a few minutes and buying a small item now there will be a 50p surcharge. For me, the irritation factor alone will be significant. Perhaps that is the intention. I can't imagine that will please the small traders. If I do decide to park in Knowle, having already added a few minutes to my stay by having to put a ticket on my car, I might be less inclined to hurry back and to free up my space for another user - I will have a 'right' to occupy that space for two hours. I wonder if the Council has considered that the dwell-time of parking might increase and have the opposite effect on overall availability of short-term spaces. Will it make any difference to long term car parking? - Anyone who must park all day will surely pay the £2 charge, which is not high enough to act as a deterrent. Will the scheme create employment? - one parking warden, a machine and the bureaucracy of issuing fines should keep a few people employed, I suppose - but at what cost to the local community? What proportion of income from outrageous fines will be tolerated (or is anticipated)? Would the Council consider abandoning the expensive scheme if it doesn't work, or are we now committed to a crude economic rationale, if it doesn't work, that the price is insufficiently high and increase the charges. Surely, if it was long-term parking that was the problem that could be controlled far more effectively and cheaply by a simply looking for the few regular offenders rather than an over complex (outsourced?) ticketing system which will profoundly change the nature of life in our local community. Watch this space (or lack of).

  2. I understand, but might be wrong that the charges are not very clear, I think it is 3 hours free, but if you go over than it is 50p for 4 hours and if it is 5 hours it is £5 and so on over 7 would be £14, or is the incorrect, it was what someone from Shirley told me???

  3. The clue is in the text of the article. "Popping in" for up to three hours will cost the same as it does now - i.e. nowt. Buying a ticket for four hours will cost 50p, buying a ticket for up to five hours £1, up to six hours £1.50, and for up to 10 hours. These are the total costs, not incremental.

    I'm not completely convinced that it will "profoundly change the nature of life in our local community" somehow...

  4. Dare I say this sounds like an effective way of preventing long stay parkers from blocking spaces without paying a penny. Even better, it also allows more flexibility than currently afforded (where parking is limited, depending on location, to 2, 3 or 4 hours with not possibility to stay longer if required). This seems unlikely to affect local commerce (3 hours free should be sufficient) and, unlike parking charges at hospitals / Solihull city centre car parks, the incremental charges are not exorbitant.

  5. But it will lead to people parking all day for £2 which is less than a cup of coffee at Costa, so all the spaces will be blocked, so 3 hours fee won't matter as there will be no spaces. Part timers will on have to pay 50p to block for 4 hours and full times will block for £2. The whole thing is a no brainer and also if you forget something you can't go back for 2 hours!!

  6. How is the parking setup working in knowle. Any comments since Wednesdays changes?

    1. As was feared, car parking is worse. Before, the maximum around Tesco was three hours in the car park near the village hall, and two hours outside Tesco. This ensured a fairly rapid turnover of cars. Now, for just £2 a day, people can park there all day, SO THEY DO!

      How on earth could the council think this would be an improvement?

  7. Well when did you have this problem? I've not experienced any problem and been there twice. Think this is a bit over-blown.

  8. I go every day and towards the end of the week there are long queues for the car parks.