Thursday, 3 October 2013

Permits plan for Knowle parking charges

FINAL steps are to be taken to introduce parking charges at Knowle car parks after a delay to let drivers make “alternative travel arrangements” and a new plan for permits.


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Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council is to charge for stays of more than three hours in a bid to free up spaces in its six car parks.

Charges would be: 50p for three to four hours; £1 for four to five hours; £1.50 for five to six hours and £2 for more than six hours. Parking is currently limited from to two to four hours.

But up to six properties by each car park will be eligible for free permits, the council has now said. Up to 40 will be available for the Greswolde Hotel car park.

A report says: “These will be available to residents, on a first come first serve basis that live in a property with no off-street parking space at the time the changes are introduced.”

Yet charges will now be introduced after they are formally advertised with the permit scheme, it adds.

The report says: “With regard to the variety of concerns, from the local business community, it is  suggested that the delayed introduction has given time for employees and employers
to consider making alternative travel arrangements, including car sharing and the
use of public transport.”

The plans previously led to a raft of objections from businesses and residents.

They said workers and residents who do not have their own parking will be hit, while the developer of a planned Waitrose store for St John’s Close raised concerns.

The “free and display” system has already been introduced at four other borough car parks, including Brueton and Malvern parks.

Meanwhile, the council is looking at resurfacing the Greswolde car park.
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  1. It is strange that this action is to free up parking spaces, yet some of the ticket machines have been placed in existing parking places therefore reducing the number of spaces available.

  2. Just what I thought, a no brainer!! 3 less parking spaces at least.
    Now watch all the side roads getting blocked with cars, and also the park car park. The saying 'If it's not broke etc.' comes to mind.
    Do I take it that to park the whole morning is on 50p to park for 4/5 is £1 and 5/6 is £1.50, all day £2 that is how it reads if so that will not stop people parking for most of the day?? still cheaper than public transport.

  3. If you are local, and to be fair, a good proportion of people who shop here are, and you just need some milk or bread, then why not try a more traditional method of going to the shops, walk or cycle. It's healthier and cheaper - no parking costs or fuel costs.

  4. The little man in blue on his scooter will be rubbing his hands! For the first week or so drivers will only register the word 'free' on the new boards and if only stopping for half an hour will not think it necessary to get a ticket.Another revenue raiser for Solihull MBC - notice we have to pay for two hours minimum now in Solihull even if we only stay one hour or less. Give this 'free and display' a year max before charges apply for any period - or am I a cynic?