Sunday, 24 November 2013

December 2 start for Sainsbury's work

WORK will start to bring a Sainsbury’s supermarket to Dorridge on Monday December 2, the retailer has confirmed.

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It said RG group will begin to strip out Forest Court for full demolition and construction “early in 2014”.

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It said: “Car parking in the site will remain available for village use until the New Year.” The store is to open by Christmas next year.

The scheme will flatten the 1960s shopping precinct for a store with a top level car park of 184 spaces and refurbished and extended Dorridge Practice GP surgery.

It will also include a cade, pharmacy and shop units.

The original 1,812sqm sales area plan was approved in November 2011 but Sainsbury’s earlier this year said it would not start work this year because of economic conditions.

It then won council permission to increase the sales area to 2,276sqm, some 26 per cent larger. A 2,462sqm plan was rejected in 2010.

It said this will allow it to sell non-food goods.

The supermarket said it wants to hear from local sub-contractors via

Project manager Nick Alston said: “We’re delighted to announce a contractor for the Dorridge development and a date for starting enabling works at the site.

“All our efforts will now be put into ensuring we deliver this scheme with the utmost consideration for our neighbours and the wider community.

“We want Dorridge to be proud of the way we deliver this project and of the new-look village centre ahead of Christmas 2014.”

For information call 0800 975 5299.

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  1. Appointing contractors isn't a five-minute job. Either the plea for local contractors is a PR stunt or they are still nowhere close to actually building their giant-sized idioteque.

  2. So if you need to visit a doctor during 2014 heaven help you. Taxi??????????

  3. The Independent has published an article about Sainsbury's and Dorridge:

  4. Interesting to see that a supermarket has changed dorridge village into a town.

  5. I suspect the recent scaffolding and the site office, are clues that the show is finally getting on the road. Sainsbury's were very disingenuous to blame delays on the planning (Independent); the only reason this is going ahead is because campaigners got their arses in gear and knew how to exploit the potential PR embarrassment of Justin King, CEO, abandoning his home town/village. I am not particularly in favour of the development but will no doubt use it willingly once it has opened, and am very thankful the days of Dorridge being yet another land bank seem to be coming to an end.

  6. Does anyone know if there will be a Post Office in the new Sainsburys? Also, with Waitrose proposing a new store in Solihull will they go ahead with the store planned for Knowle? Two Waitroses within 4 miles of each other??

  7. No Post Office with Sainsbury's and yes Waitrose for Knowle in 2015.

  8. "The only reason this is going ahead is because campaigners got their arses in gear and knew how to exploit the potential PR embarrassment.."

    What a lot of nonsense @16:58.

    The plucky campaigners were unwitting stooges in Sainsbury's plan.

    Wait for the muggles to start moaning; slap in a proposal for an even bigger store; retire to boardroom for celebratory cigars and a really good laugh.

  9. Matthew - a "Stooge" is someone who is forced/paid by someone in authority to do an unpleasant job for them ....the campaigners were after an end to an abandoned site, and only this after planning permission was granted (twice).

    This can hardly constitute doing Sainsbury's job for them (otherwise they would have been built ages ago - QED).

    I wonder if you have been "spinning" so hard and for so long that you have got a bit dizzy and muddled......


  11. 19:32 - a stooge doesn't need to be paid; I wasn't implying that. I said they were "unwitting stooges". And they were. Sainsbury's were waiting for some local shop-a-holics to get their Gok Wan knickers in a twist about the lack of progress so that they could justify building a bigger store. "Brought to you by popular demand..." etc etc.

    Wonderful PR. Babychams all round at Gough Bailey Wrong, no doubt.