Sunday, 10 November 2013

"Leave car at home" plea as parking charges start

A COUNCIL boss has urged Knowle workers to consider leaving their car at home as long-stay charges are introduced in car parks.

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Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council introduced charges on Wednesday of three hours or more.

Cabinet member for transport and highways Ted Richards said: “All the current car parking changes are based on our desire to see our centres prosper.

“Our aim is to underpin the village’s vitality by ensuring there is car parking available for shoppers and visitors to the area.

“In the interest of reducing congestion and being mindful of the environmental implications, we would also ask people to think about how they travel to work and, where practical, consider using more sustainable modes of transport, including the improving local bus services, or cycling and walking, which also have associated health benefits.”

The Conservative said: “We will continue monitor the effects of these changes and work with local residents, businesses, retailers and other stakeholders to look at future parking and transport opportunities to help secure the long term viability of Knowle village centre.”

Drivers have to get a ticket for free and paid parking, in operation from 8am to 6pm Monday to Saturday, including public and bank holidays.

Three to four hours will be 50p; up to five hours £1; up to six hours £1.50 and up to 10 hours £2. Drivers will not be able to return within two hours of ticket expiry.

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  1. This is exactly what I said last week when I was asked where office workers would park. Knowle is very well served by public transport and this scheme should hopefully ensure that local shoppers can park more easily. All you now need is to educate local drivers into understanding what 'No Entry' signs and direction arrows actually mean.

  2. How many councillors walk or cycle or bus to their council meetings, not many I'm sure. Why would they when they can avail themselves of free parking at the council house?!

  3. The trouble is that many, many workers are not on a public transport route that serves Knowle, or if it does would take all day to get here. No this is not to help locals shop (most walk) it is to make money for the council as they have a great hole in their parking budget, due to messing with Solihull Car Parks, I understand about £400,000 to fill and we are about to help!!! The worst is that you can not top up, if perhaps a friend says let go for a coffee, you can't so how does that help the local business, also most of the workers shop in Knowle, so just be honest, it is just another tax on Solihull People. Also not being allowed to go back in 2 hours can be really difficult if you are a carer or have an elderly parent who you have to get to appointments and then go back an hour later to pick up. No this is not to help locals it is just Council Greed.

  4. I think its ok - three hours free if you think you'll be there for 4 pay 50p
    I agree about people who work in Knowle - it is not easy to get here. Many people do get 2 buses - my hairdresser for a start. They will have to park in Knowle. Also bus fares are very expensive. Will be interesting to see how the parking works out - but I'm hopeful it will be a good thing and if it generates some income for the strapped council - who provide services for us - then that's all to the good.

  5. 14.30 It will go to the Car Parking Busness, so won't help us!!

  6. 14.30 Trouble is that if you have a ticket for 3 hours you can't then change it for 4 hours by paying an extra 50p which seem silly to me.

  7. Anyone else noticed more cars parking on Longdon Road since the car park charges came in? Causes mayhem with cars/buses dodging in and out, and then speeding up just past the park entrance. Matter of time before someone hits something due to the speed people come down it towards the village.

  8. Perhaps the reasoning behind this is to be able to better measure the potential value of the land.

    That way, Solihull MBC are in a stronger position to negotiate with the next supermarket that comes along.