Sunday, 26 January 2014

Arden takes over failing sponsor school

ARDEN school has taken over direct management of a Birmingham school it has been a “light touch” sponsor of following concerns from education inspectors.

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Principal Martin Murphy is now also executive principal at Park Hall School, Castle Bromwich, north Solihull after it was put into special measures by Ofsted.

In a letter to Arden parents, he said “recent months have highlighted a number of issues” and Arden will “directly control the strategic leadership and management of Park Hall”.

He said principal Tony Morrison “has moved on” and Arden leaders will “challenge and support the senior team at Park Hall”.

Sponsors are appointed to “work closely” with underperforming schools, the Department for Education says.

Park Hall was last May congratulated by education minister David Laws for being one of the top 100 most improved in the country.

Mr Murphy said: “Our light touch partnership relationship has had to swiftly change and this will see me and some members of my senior team working at Park Hall a couple of days a week”.

Yet he blamed Park Hall’s problems on “changes to examination system and problems with the recruitment of good teachers”.

In a letter to Park Hall parents he said leaders have “reduced significantly the number of supply and agency staff and increased the support for students”.
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  1. Typical Arden. Emperors Clothes! Or less politely " Fur Coat and no Knickers". Taken their eye off the ball and this has led to a poor Ofsted report that will be published soon. Park Hall is in Solihull LA not Birmingham. Despite this I wish them well in turning this around for the sake of the pupils. The trick is to do it without impacting negatively on Arden School. What is most worrying is that that this appeared to come as a surprise. Too many eyes of the ball methinks.

  2. Sponsoring a school is taking it over!!

    What were they doing before this? Fiddling while Rome burned?

  3. Park Hall is North Solihull Academy, not a school.