Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Arden teaching block plan approved

ARDEN school has won permission to build a three-storey teaching block on part of a playground.

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Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council has approved the plan, that will partly demolish the hall, to meet growing pupil numbers.

It will house 13 classrooms and six studios for the school and sixth form. The school said the playground is “underutilised”.

The development would cut the number of rooms in use from 100 per cent to 85 per cent, meaning it could take out “unsuitable” rooms in the humanities block.

Parking will be reconfigured so spaces remain at 148.

The council said: “The proposal seeks to provide a high quality and flexible teaching space that will accommodate incremental growth of the school, where the school roll has increased dramatically since the introduction of its sixth from in 2010.”

It added: “The proposals have evolved through a robust consultation process where concerns of key stakeholders have been considered and accounted for within application submissions.

“Officers have assessed the application with care and are satisfied that the proposed building will sit comfortably within the school campus without having a material impact on the existing streetscene or neighbour amenity.

“The significant separation of the building from Station Road at 80m as well as shielding of the block by other existing school buildings combined with the generous frontage vegetation to the school site, so filtering views, ensures against harm.

“The scheme performs well in terms of sustainability and improvements to the site are made to pupil and pedestrian circulation areas.”
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