Monday, 3 March 2014

Watchdog to probe Knowle parking charges

A COUNCIL watchdog committee is to look at the impact of new parking charges in Knowle.

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The Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council committee will consider the charges, introduced in November for stays of more than three hours.

All motorists must get a ticket under the system, aimed atdeterring long-stay parking to ensure a greater turnover of spaces in council-owned car parks.

Yet this has led to concerns from some that workers who now face charges for long stays are parking in residential streets.

The council’s neighbourhood services scrutiny board will consider the scheme at its meeting on Tuesday March 18 at the council’s offices. The public can attend.

Drivers have to get a ticket for free and paid parking, in operation from 8am to 6pm Monday to Saturday, including public and bank holidays.

Three to four hours is 50p; up to five hours £1; up to six hours £1.50 and up to 10 hours £2. Drivers are not allowed to return within two hours of ticket expiry.
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  1. I love that I can now get a parking place in many of the car parks in Knowle. Do those working in Knowle not know that the Village is served by an excellent public transport system?

    1. I think that the parking has got worse as £1.50 is not even a cup of coffee and so the car parks are harder to park in than they used to be. What drive me mad is having to get a tick in the rain etc. go back to the car etc. when I am only getting a paper from Tesco. whole thing is rubbish and not giving anymore parking spaces than it did before. As to not going back in 2 hours that is a problem when you are talking elderly to hairdressers etc and then having to pick up.
      I don't see why we just did not leave well alone.
      Also if I was Waitrose I would not think of coming now I see the parking and the fact you can't pop back if you have forgotten something.
      Just another scheme for someone to make money out of us and make life difficult.
      As for the remark above, 'what public transport'?

  2. I think it's certainly helped to an extent, but the parking on the roads to get into the village have been notably worse. Longdon Road is a nightmare with parking at the top, it's dangerous when you see the speed of some people coming down it. Same on Lodge Road.

    Waitrose run a similar system in Kenilworth, but they actually charge 1.50 which you get back on purchase in store, so that won't put them off.

    It's the usual problem of implementing these systems though - before you know it you've implemented residents parking permits and double yellows everywhere. Something did need to be done though, just not sure this was the best option.

    1. With reference to Waitrose, they will not have their own car park, so if all the carparks are full, no one will be able to shop there. All other Waitroses have their own car parks. I don't think they will ever come here.
      I agree with the problem of street parking, but everyone said it would happen. The last thing we want is yellow lines and permits etc. Knowle will just lose all its villiage feel. I dread to think what will happen when the new 80 houses come and about 160 more cars are going to 'pop up to Knowle'. The whole thing has just not been thought out.

  3. If it means being able to park, as a resident I am all in favour of resident only permit parking along appropriate stretches of certain roads.

  4. NOT ALL, but most people who pop to the shops for a pint of milk, or a daily newspaper are living within 1 mile of the shop, so why not walk or cycle? You will save money by not driving (and parking), you will be fitter and healthier.

    It really doesn't take that long to walk or cycle a mile. you might even meet new people on the way.

    Driving is what £1.00? for the 2mile round trip, by the time you take fuel and wear & tear into account, plus parking £1.50, that's a really expensive newspaper x 5 to 7 days a week.

  5. You don't pay for parking if you are just getting a paper. And many people parking up can barely drive so walking and cycling would be totally out of the question

  6. The lack of car park spaces is equally as bad, if not worse, than it was before the introduction of the ticket and charging scheme. While it is true that there is more parking in nearby roads, there are more people using the car parks for the whole day now, which they could not do before when there were 2, 3 and 4 hour limits. The £1.50 charge for a whole day is not off-putting enough.

    1. In answer to 5th March, most that pop in for a newspaper of pint of milk, do not live near or if they do at the time they can't walk as they are going to or from work!! not everyone is retired and can walk all the time to Knowle. So I agree it is a lot of trouble to get a ticket etc.
      I also agree as someone who WALKS every day (retired) to Knowle that I have noticed that the car parks by Tesco (I don't see the High Street car park) are always full and I notice that most of the cars seem to be the same everyday, so they can now park for as someone said about all day for the price of a cup of coffee. It was better with the 2 and 3 hour limits. I told Knowle Society at the time that it was too cheap, if they wanted to stop people parking all day.

  7. I never have much trouble parking - I live nearby but pop into Tesco on my way through when I need things and only stay about 20 mins. The new system is working well. People seem determined to believe there are problems where there aren't. Getting a ticket from the machine is hardly a big deal. People who are parking for work are paying to do so. You try using public transport from Knowle for work - it is not easy despite people who never use it claiming it is!
    So let me be totally radical and say - all working quite well actually.