Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Waiting room closed after vandalism

A NEW vintage waiting room at Dorridge station has closed after it was vandalised.


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A notice in the window said “Dave” had been scratched into a fire place and mirror at the waiting room, opened on March 24.

The refurbishment – like others at stations including Leamington Spa and Birmingham Moor Street – includes vintage GWR fittings and posters.

The notice – now removed – said: “On two seperate occasions this tag has been scratched into the fireplace and mirror at the newly opened waiting room at Dorridge Station.

“If anyone recognises it and can identify the author would they please e-mail  fods.93@gmail.com.

“The Knowle and Dorridge Police Team and British Transport Police have both been informed and are in possession of the image.

“The waiting room is now closed until repairs have been carried out and security measures installed.”

Another notice at the waiting room – part of the station frontage - said: “Regrettably, within less than four weeks of being opened, the beautifully restored waiting room has been vandalised twice over the Easter period.

“The waiting room will be closed until further notice whilst repairs are carried out.

“The graffiti tags used have been reported to West Midlands Police and British Transport Police.

“We are sorry that the room will be unavailable for passengers so soon afters its opening.”

The waiting room was restored by the Friends of Dorridge Station with support from groups including Chiltern Railways and Centro.




  1. No doubt culprit will have written his tag in his scool book. School teachers eyes peeled. This is a disgraceful act.

  2. Should be spelt 'school'.

  3. So... whoever did this isn't called 'Dave' (although maybe I am crediting them with too many brain cells?)
    He is however called 'Moron', and probably has a very small penis.
    Lets hope their mates (assuming they have any) see sense and turn them in.

  4. Didn't notice Mr Cameron waiting on the platform.