Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Work to remove roundabout for Sainsbury's

WORK was due to begin yesterday to remove a roundabout by Dorridge station for a Sainsbury’s development.


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Work began on Monday March 31 to allow continuous traffic flow from Dorridge Road into Station Approach with a zebra crossing by The Forest Hotel.

The firm – which is demolishing nearby Forest Court for a supermarket – hopes to complete works early in May.

It said: “Traffic management and stop/go signs will be used during the works to maintain safety for motorists and contractors.

“Safe access to and from the railway station and car park will be maintained, along with clearly defined routes for pedestrians.

“Traffic flow will return to normal each evening with no works taking place out of hours or at weekends.

“Contractors will then return to complete the final road surface/raised junction and install the zebra crossing and street lighting towards the end of the development in the autumn.”

The firm also said it had “received lots of early interest” in six retail units at the development and “hope to announce some tenants in the coming months”.

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  1. Process has been well managed so far. Look forward to it progressing quickly

  2. Do you work for the PR agency or something?

    1. I like the comment, well done, Subtle and sweet, LOL.

  3. The idea of removing the roundabout is utterly stupid, obviously an idea by someone who never uses the junction!

    1. I think its going to be one-way so roundabout becomes redundant.......

  4. so are you saying that the Forest/Surgery/supermarket effectively becomes an island with all traffic circulating Station Approach/ Forest Road? That is horrendous

  5. Getting rid of the island is a super idea; I shall now be able to wiz along Dorridge Road straight down to the Station Road junction without the disruption of Avenue Road traffic!

  6. I do not see a problem with removing the roundabout as Johnsons Coaches seem unable to negotiate it anyway. The problem lies with the numpties that cannot read that the junction has changed. I was nearly totalled by an idiot that despite the signs and lack of roundabout still exercised their 'right to turn in front of me. Had I been heading down Dorridge Road heaven only knows what might have happened.

    The current situation is temporary and will not be completed until the works are nearing the end.

    What is needed is better road markings and they are wanted NOW!

  7. Approaching the road junction by the railway station from Avenue Road without the traffic island is now somewhat hazardous. The line of sight to the right down Station Approach is limited and you now also have to be aware of traffic from Dorridge Road and from the station car park. With the advent of the increased traffic which will be generated by Sainsbury’s a large sign needs to be erected “Warning, Approaching Dangerous Road Junction”.