Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Bid to demolish child care facility refused

A PLAN to demolish a Dorridge child care facility for houses has been rejected by councillors.


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The plan to demolish Kingsley Child Care at 53 Hanbury Road for two homes at the back of its garden was rejected by Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council’s planning committee last Wednesday.

The adjacent home, number 51, would continue to be used for before and after school care.

Committee members accepted concerns of a council planning officer who said it would be a “cramped, overdeveloped, incongruous and alien addition to the street scene that would create an isolated enclave of development”.

They said “insufficient information has been submitted to demonstrate that the proposal will not have a harmful impact upon protected species” like possible badgers, bats and nesting birds.

It also said insufficient information had been provided on the impact on trees and that “adequate space exists within the site to allow vehicles, and in particular delivery vehicles, to be able to enter, turn and leave the site in a forward gear”.

Five letters opposed the plan with concerns about the “loss of much valued and required childcare facility” and a “small development squeezed into a small plot”.

Mark Gamble told the council: “The existing childcare facility is of considerable value to the local community.

“The presence of wraparound care close to schools is an important facility which helps parents to continue to work and allows carers to pick up and drop off children without the use of vehicles,  avoiding the need to worsen an already difficult traffic situation.

“The layout of the development is poor, requiring a  lengthy drive running alongside the retained rear garden of the existing house.”

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