Tuesday, 17 June 2014

"No more reviews needed on Knowle parking charges"

THE introduction of pay and display parking in Knowle is working well and no longer needs to be reviewed, a council officer has said.

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They have recommended progress reports are no longer brought to Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council member for transport Ted Richards.

The system was introduced in November in Knowle and other borough places and gives up to three hours free parking with a free ticket and then up to £2 for longer stays.

The council said the scheme has achieved its aim of deterred long-stay parking, particularly among workers, to free up spaces at six car parks.

The council officer’s report said: “It is the view of officers that the new parking schemes in Knowle, Shirley, Malvern and Brueton Parks are now established and performing well.

“It is proposed that officers will stop bringing detailed update reports relating to the new parking schemes to cabinet decision sessions.

“Focus should now shift to customer feedback and improving the service from a customer’s perspective.”

Mr Richards will be asked to accept the recommendation on Thursday.

The council had previously said the charges had moved some parking onto residential streets and not moved people onto buses as hoped.

Officers said in March it was “too early” to predict its future.

Three to four hours is 50p; up to five hours £1; up to six hours £1.50 and up to 10 hours £2.

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  1. The parking charges might be working well but the selfish parking of cars in nearby roads is causing serious problems..

  2. Utter bollocks

  3. It is difficult to comment on this without seeing the report including the indicators of success. One would hope this matter will not be swept under the carpet without clear and convincing evidence of success and value for money.

    From a customer point of view, I find it irritating that an elaborate car park charging scheme with draconian penalties has been imposed on everyone simply to deter habitual long-term parking by local workers - who, by definition, must be known, regular offenders. Why did the local authority not simply identify and contact these people in a civilised way, prosecuting those who failed to obey the existing parking restrictions after warnings?

    I would like to know how many 'innocent' people have been fined for relatively minor overstays or failure to display a ticket. And, more importantly, if I were a Councillor, I would want to know precisely how many parking spaces have been freed up - and where those people are now parking.

  4. what a joke! As already said here the problem has just been moved to the roads surrounding the car parks - as usual the council have achieved what they wanted at the expense of local residents!

  5. It is very true that the all day parkers have moved into the surrounding roads - the slip road down by the doctors' surgery is now full by nine o@clock in the morning meaning that the residents are continually backing up and down the road to let vans and lorries pass and sometimes the parking is partly across drives. The poor elderly and sick people now cannot park near the doctors or chiropodists surgery between Lodge Road and Blackdown Road - can we please have something done to deter all day parkers