Saturday, 12 July 2014

Waitrose work to "start in autumn"

WORK on a Waitrose for Knowle will start “in the autumn” for an opening late next year, the supermarket has said.

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Kimberley Developments got Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council permission for the St John’s Close store in November 2012.

It said then it hoped to start work at the site of a former bowling green in The Red Lion pub car park in spring 2013 for a summer 2014 opening.

The site has been cleared but work has not begun. In April it said work would start in the summer for an opening late next year.

Waitrose spokesman James Armstrong said this week: The developer aims to start work on site in the autumn and we expect to open late next year.

The firm will build a store with a 1,161sqm sales area.

Five bungalows nearest the store will be relocated to create a car park that will remain the council’s control. The village’s Tesco has a 865sqm sales area.

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  1. finally its going to happen long over due cannot wait...

  2. I hope this doesn't destroy Knowle's independent shops, but I am looking forward to shopping in a medium size store rather than the enormous monstrosity that is taking shape in Dorridge.

  3. 15:14 .....Yawn......

  4. Great news. Better than the castle taking shape in Dorridge.

  5. If Dorridge is getting a Sainsbury's and Knowle a Waitrose, what about poor old Bentley Heath. Come on Aldi, build something in Bentley Heath park. We clearly need more supermarkets and the council would love it. Especially Maciewicz who stated in chamber that 99% of people in Dorridge wanted Sainsbury's to go ahead. Did he ask everyone?

  6. he didnt ask me