Monday, 25 August 2014

GCSE results slip at Arden

RESULTS appear to have slipped at Arden in this year’s GCSEs as principal Martin Murphy spoke of “challenging” changes to exams.

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Mr Murphy said “over 85 per cent” got at least five GCSEs grades A* to C. This was 92 per cent in 2010 and 91, 90 and 94 per cent in subsequent years.

National reforms that took affect this year included a reduction in coursework and more reliance on final exams.

The reforms to GCSE, such as the switch to linear, non-modular courses and less coursework, have applied only to England.

He said: “The students have reached their challenging targets and we are particularly pleased that we have achieved such truly impressive results when the bar is being significantly raised nationally and the exam system has changed.

“Congratulations to every student in the Class of 2014 your parents should be very proud of your achievements.

“We have seen breathtaking performance in all areas of GCSE and the vocational examination subjects and this has been down to the hard work and determination of our fantastic students.”

He said “almost” all pupils got at least five GCSEs in all subjects.

Mr Murphy said: “Our students continue to excel at the top grades of A* and A. This has increased this year with almost a third of our students achieving these grades in 8 or more of their subjects.”

Mary Keast got 11 A* grades in all her subjects. The following got at least 10 A* or A grades: Amy Allen, Selina Chan, Charlie Corden, William Cutbill, Cara Douglas, Catherine Edwards, Lauren Hockley, William Howell, Benjamin Jones, Emilia Kudanowska, Jacob Lamb, Mark Lumb, Harveen Marwaha, Conor McGoldrick, Natalia Nicholson, Ben Northam, Sarah Parker, Sophie Peasley, William Penny, Scott Pinwell, Danielle Rose, Eleanor Royle, Martha Sanders, Joseph Savage, Rebecca Scott, Cameron Scriven, William Stride, Chloe Thomas, Harry Thompstone, Eleanor Tomkins, Kyle Turner, Kate Verduyn and Alison Wilcock.

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  1. The same challenges apply to all schools. So one or two excuses here. Still great results though. Tudor Grange results remained in the 90's, so if the head of Arden is right they must have done brilliantly. At this high level a blip is not an issue as long as it does not become a trend.

  2. Is Arden spending too much time and resources rescuing Park Hall? It was always the top school in Solihull. 23 new staff in September - why is this?

    1. Playing games with exam results is not the same as being a top school. Perhaps the new regime is correcting some of the problems of the previous head - like the issue of stopping people from entering exams who they were not absolutely certain would pass (and not telling parents when kids had been dropped from a subject).

      I'd like to see stats for all local schools of the number of pupils starting each subject at the start of the 4th and lower 6th and how many were then allowed to sit exams two years later. If you aren't entered for an exam, you can't fail, pass rate isn't everything.

  3. I'd love to know what the results for Solihull Tech were!