Sunday, 17 August 2014

Knowle car park closed for maintenance

THE Greswolde car park, Knowle will close be closed until Friday for maintenance work.

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A Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council statement said: "As part of this year’s car park maintenance programme, Solihull Council will be resurfacing and relining the car park to the rear of the Greswolde Arms in Knowle.

"The car park and the recycling centre will be closed to the public from Monday 18 August until Friday 22 August while the works are carried out.

"Alternative parking and recycling facilities are available in Knowle Village Hall and Tesco car parks.

"The council’s civil enforcement officers will be in the town centre during the week to provide assistance with parking."


  1. Why is it that the Council can find the money to resurface a large car park, where there really wasn't a problem, but are unable to find the money to repair the huge number of pot holes that plague the borough!

  2. I think that they are making the gaps for the cars REALLY TINY, so that we can get more cars in! They know that parking in Knowle is rubbish, and this is their answer.