Sunday, 10 August 2014

Knowle Waitrose work to start "next month"

WORK on a Waitrose store for Knowle is “very likely” to start next month, The Knowle Society has reported.

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It comes after Kimberley Developments last month told The Silhillian it was experting to start “in the autumn” but did not give a month.

The firm won Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council permission for the St John’s Close store in November 2012.

A Knowle Society update said: “Project awaiting finalisation of legal issues with Solihull Council. Bids are about to be sought from the contractors and a September start of construction is very likely.”

Kimberley first said it hoped to start work at the site of a former bowling green in The Red Lion pub car park in spring 2013 for a summer 2014 opening.

The site has been cleared but work has not begun. In April it said work would start in the summer for an opening late next year.

The firm will build a store with a 1,161sqm sales area.

Five bungalows nearest the store will be relocated to create a car park that will remain the council’s control. The village’s Tesco has a 865sqm sales area.

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  1. The poor people who live in the five bungalows who "will be relocated" STILL don't know what's happening! Imagine not knowing from one day to the next when your house is going to get knocked down!

  2. Anyone got any updates on this 'proposed' store which has so far variously been starting in 'summer' then 'autumn' then 'next month (in August)' ?? Or is it more likely that they'll go for the large central Solihull site and not go ahead in Knowle?

  3. Kimberley Developments has the planning permission in Knowle (not Waitrose) and the planning consent for the development in Solihull is for Opus Land and Standard Life Investments. So the 2 are not related, They are developments by 2 different property development companies. Each hopes to sign a long term lease with Waitrose who will be tenants. This is good for both towns as having a Waitrose in the area will lift the whole neighbourhood and house prices will go up. The question really is have Waitrose actually signed a memorandum of understanding prior to any lease being granted and can they back out? If they do back out then Kimberley may decide to shelve the Knowle development or offer it to another retailer, hopefully not Aldi !

  4. Even more hopefully not a Tesco, the one we have got is fairly dire and don't want another. Please, please please waitrose, start on this new store soon.

  5. any further news all gone quiet . Now taht Sainsburys is open cant see that there is the demand and even that store seems quiet . I suspect it might be shelved as Waitrose are focusiing on smaller sites