Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Longer opening hours for Post Office

BENTLEY Heath Post Office is to get longer opening hours and car tax payments after a refurbishment.


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The Widney Road branch will close from Thursday September 4 and re-open at 1pm on Friday September 19 for work to take place.

It will have a low level serving counter, hearing loop with one screened and one open plan serving counter.

It will begin to offer car tax and close at 5.30pm on Saturday instead of 12.30pm at present.

The move is part of a £2bn national programme to modernise and update 11,000 branches to 2018.

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  1. Great news.
    A lovely convenient PO with friendly cheerful staff.
    Excellent customer services especially when compared to the scowls you receive in Knowle PO within OneStop.

    1. You do not know what you're talking about, the knowle staff are very friendly.

  2. Great news but a busier post office with encourage more cars trying to park outside PO and Vernon James, add this to the new restaurant/takeaway next to the Co-op and traffic will become even busier in this small area.Pity they are not having a PO at new Sainsburys to spread the load a bit.

  3. 16:42 agree. Lets also not forget that when Tesco took over in Dorridge, they removed the Post Office to make the store "more economic".

  4. Much prefer going to Bentley Heath rather than Knowle they are definitely much more friendly at Bentley Heath

  5. Three cheers for the lovely staff in Bentley Heath.

    You never get a smile in Knowle and are made to feel guilty for wanting to use the Post Office there.

  6. The two old dragons that used to work in the Dorridge post office would take some beating for snotty attitude . The laughable part was when put under the slightest pressure they would prove to be thick as several short planks .