Saturday, 2 August 2014

Sainsbury's recruitment begins

RECRUITMENT has started for up to 200 jobs for a Sainsbury’s store set to open in Dorridge.

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Advertisements for roles have gone on the supermarket’s recruitment website with more to come for the under-construction Forest Court scheme.

Bakery and confectionery roles have gone online from £6.71 to £7.24 an hour.

Team leader and commercial positions will follow and from September warehouse, food counter, clothing and general merchandise, checkout and customer service roles.

The firm said: “Positions will generally become available in this order to allow for interview and training timescales, and all applications will take place online via the website.

“Sainsbury’s recommends that those interested in working at the store check the website regularly.”

An open day will be held at the firm’s information centre in Station Approach o Thursday August 14 from 11am to 3pm and 4pm to 7pm.

It said: “The day is for anyone interested in working at the store to drop in and discuss the roles and application processes with the team.”

Richard Perry, an employee for 30 years, has been appointed the store manager.

The Coventry-born and raised manager has run stores in Nuneaton, Kettering, Leicester, Warwick, Coventry and Birmingham.

In a Sainsbury’s press release, he said: “I am personally delighted and extremely excited to have been appointed store manager for Sainsbury’s Dorridge.

“I look forward to helping bring together a team of local people ready to serve the community and to ensuring residents have the very best shopping experience with us. I know they are going to love having local access to our fantastic brands and products, whilst being served by members of the local community.”

The controversial development will include six retail units, 184 parking spaces, café and extended and refurbished doctors’ surgery.

For information about jobs call 0845 602 3860 and 0800 975 5299 for other queries.

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  1. Let's not pretend any jobs will be 'created'. They will all be substitute jobs replacing an equal number lost in other supermarkets and local shops. We won't suddenly be eating more food and demand overall won't be increased. For every new job at Sainsbury's in Dorridge one will be lost elsewhere.

    1. what an absurd comment - on that basis no jobs would ever be "new"!

  2. well said, it never ceases to amaze me how many people swallow this type of spin

  3. Assuming two shifts then potentially up to 100 staff on site at one time. Where are they going to park all those bicycles?

  4. They can park them in the shiny new but empty retail units of course, or rent what will soon become known as 'where little Tesco used to be'.

  5. I believe these posts are all by the same person - am I right or am I right?

  6. I wrote the first and the fourth but not second and third, you wrote the fifth, and I wrote the sixth - so you're not right

  7. And I wrote the seventh

    1. I wrote the third!

  8. - - - you wrote the third and I haven’t written one yet!

  9. Oh yes you have...

  10. No, I am Spartacus!

  11. Sainsbury's released the following press release following this event:

    Residents of all ages in and around Dorridge visited the Sainsbury’s information centre last week as part of the retailer’s recruitment open day for the new store.

    Over 130 people visited the event on Thursday to discuss employment vacancies with store manager, Richard Perry, and members of his management team. Job roles, working hours, training and the application process were all on the agenda as positions begin to become available.

    The new store will create up to 200 new full and part time jobs and these are now being uploaded for application on the dedicated recruitment website:

    Positions will continue to become available throughout August, September and October, and anybody interested in applying is encouraged to check the website regularly. For any issues or queries related to recruitment there is a dedicated helpline: 0845 602 3860 and anybody without access to the internet at home can use their nearest library or internet café.

    Sainsbury’s Dorridge Store Manager, Richard Perry, comments: “We had a fantastic turn out at the recruitment open day and it was an absolute pleasure to speak to local people about the development and working for Sainsbury’s. I wish all applicants the best of luck and look forward to progressing with interviews and training ready for opening towards the end of the year.”

    For further information about the ongoing development works, local residents can call the community affairs team on freephone 0800 975 5299.