Monday, 1 September 2014

Security gates plan for Dorridge home fails

A DORRIDGE resident has lost a bid to put up gates and pillars outside their home over concerns about car thefts.


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Derek Dauncey,  of Boningale Way, Four Ashes, has failed to overturn a Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council decision that refused permission for the gates, up to 1.85m (6ft).

His planning applications says: “The application proposals are intended to increase security to the property and especially to deter possible unauthorised taking away of motor vehicles pareked in the forecourt area to the house.”

It said the plan “will have no material impact on the overall streetscene”.

Mr Dauncey appealed to the independent Planning Inspectorate, which has upheld the council’s decision.

Inspector Jonathan Manning said: “Given the open layout and spacious environment of the street scene, I consider that the enclosure of the frontage of the appeal site would not be in keeping with the character and appearance of the street scene to its detriment.”

He said: “I acknowledge that the application has been made to address security concerns with regard to vehicle thefts following the advice of a security expert and I note the information provided of crimes in the area and its increasing level.

“However, on balance I consider that the reason for the development does not outweigh the harm that would result should the proposal proceed. I am also mindful that I observed a double garage within the appeal site, which could also be utilised for such purposes.”


  1. Good decision - but needs to be stated and applied as a matter of general policy before paranoid residents make Dorridge look like a south American crime town with gated communities and high-security compunds.
    There must be plenty of alternatives to erecting fortress-like gates and fences if you simply want to secure your cars?

  2. Crime is extremely low in Dorridge, probably the lowest in the West Midlands, the only reason there are significant numbers of car crimes is people leaving valuables in cars and cars unlocked.

    Perhaps putting your car in the garage rather than your junk would make more sense if you are worried about it. The reality is that lots of people have expensive cars in Dorridge and don't suffer from problems... and ask Karren Brady whether her gates helped when they had their car stolen.

    Gating is anti-social and most of us who have lived here for many years have had no problems with crime.

  3. What a pity we don't live and let live.
    I don't have a problem with people having gates if that is what they want or feel they need, what does concern me is that seemingly we no longer have the freedom to choose what we do on our own little patch of paradise without someone making a fuss.
    Heaven forbid we all have to live in tidy little sanitised housing estates. I find the most interesting areas and communities are those where the individual has left his mark and made it his own.
    Yet one more freedom being eroded in an already over regulated society.

    Obviously wasn't the inspector that granted permission for the hideous wall going up in Forest Road. Pity.

  4. Why don't they get one of those metal posts that can be put at the end of the driveway, so that cars can't be driven away? Easy enough to remove when not needed.

    1. Or, don`t be shallow and buy new expensive cars just to keep up with the neighbours. modern cars are very reliable. If looked after a 10 year old merc will be just as good as a new one - wack a personalised plate on it, and who will know. You will save a lot of money, and not be so bothered about getting dents and scratches in the new Sainsbury car park. Remember, there`s an awful lot of very wealthy people out there who drive old cars, and couldn't giver two hoots about what others think or say.

    2. Really, your suggest was to just not buy a new car? Why don't we all go and live in trees while we're at it

    3. What's tree's got to do with cars and gates??