Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Hospital bosses get pay rise

HOSPITAL managers got a pay rise in a year where care was criticised by inspectors, new accounts show.

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Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust chief executive Mark Newbold got £190,000 to £195,000 in 2013/14 compared to £185,000 to £190,000 the previous year.

The trust only published salaries in bands of £5,000 meaning his pay could be up to an extra £10,000.

His pension related benefits went from £25,000 to £27,500 to £35,000 to £37,500.

Commercial director Simon Hackwell’s pay went from £125,000 to £130,000 to £135,000 to £140,000.

The trust runs Birmingham Heartlands Hospital, Solihull Hospital, Good Hope Hospital and Birmingham Chest Clinic.

A November inspection by the Care Quality Commission found the trust “requires improvement”.

This score was given for four out of five area, around safety, caring, responsive and well-led. It was rated good for effective.

It said the trust was below average in patient surveys in A&E and inpatients and it had a higher than average rate of “never events”, the most serious type of clinical error.

The CQC report said: “The trust had a longstanding history of struggling with its turnaround times in the A&E department.

“The management team had put in place a number of initiatives to reduce the amount of time people were waiting in A&E, but this had not yet had an impact.”

In its annual report for2013/14 Mr Newbold said “much effort” had been made to tackle A&E waits including more care outside of hospital.

He said: “With such strong and committed staff, I am very confident that we will continue to improve the quality and range of services we provide across all of our hospital and community sites, despite the many challenges ahead.”

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  1. Still can't get them selves organised to have Ambulances back at Solihull Hospital - more delays!
    Paramedics still parked up at Dorridge Village Hall Car Park - I thought it was going to be Blythe Surgery as from September!?

  2. The NHS is struggling to pay for itself, yet managers award themselves huge pay increases. This is immoral. Nobody in my opinion deserves to have a salary as large as £190,000 per annum when the average income is much less than £30,000. This is excessive inequality and the cause of many of our country's problems.