Sunday, 2 November 2014

Bentley Heath homes approved

PLANS for 28 more homes at Four Ashes Road, Bentley Heath have been approved by councillors.

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Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council’s planning committee approved the Crest Nicholson plans on Wednesday.

The homes will be accessed from Four Ashes Road and will be built on the site of a home – to be retained – and its grounds (see map here).

Four residents wrote to the council to oppose the plans, to go next to 38 homes built by the developer and to include 11 affordable homes.

Both sites are included in the council’s development plan of where estates should go in the coming two decades.

One wrote about traffic: “This proposal will mean that Four Ashes Rd will now have three new access roads between Widney Rd and the railway bridge, leaving this already busy road vulnerable to traffic accidents and incidents.

“Years  ago an access road was removed at Browns Lane because of traffic problems.”

There were also concerns about flooding, impact on wildlife, impact on schools and impact on the character of the area.

One wrote: “In danger of making Bentley Heath just another area of houses and development, losing the existing beauty and the countryside.”

Neighbour Susan Davis said: “Where on earth are the children going to go to school.

“Local schools are full and have already expanded due to numerous other developments in the area.”

A council planning officer's report recommended councillors approve the plan.

They said it will not seek a financial contribution for primary schools “due to existing available places” but will seek £97,272.53 for extra secondary school places.

It said it is “acceptable in terms of its impact on the landscape character of the locality as well as the amenities of adjacent dwellings”.

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  1. Thought Solihull had exceeded the required quota for number of new homes.

  2. SMBC, please remember what "Urbs in rure" means.

  3. Four Ashes Road closed this frosty morning.
    It is a sad day today with the fatal road traffic accident of a 31year old motorcyclist leaving behind a wife and 2 children.
    The McCarthy Stone site was closed. I assume as a creditable mark of respect.
    May I also pass on my condolences to the family.
    I would also like to note as per a previous comment on the Silhillian copied below

    Bentley Heath OAP flats approved

    A PLAN for a two-storey building for 52 flats for OAPs in Bentley Heath was approved by Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council's planning committee last night. Click here for background details.

    Posted by The Silhillian at 10:30
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    1 comment:

    Concerned Bentley Heath1 February 2013 20:37
    Another step closer to the coalescence of Bentley Heath and Dorridge.
    it is a shame that this greenfield area will be lost forever and local residents
    aspects despoiled.However I note the Highways Dept raise no objections.So I would like to see the engineer also made CULPABLE when the accidents occur at this entrance which I deem arguably to close to the limits of their
    distance criteria to the small hump back type narrow bridge on this 40 mph distributor road.