Sunday, 2 November 2014

Bid to demolish Dorridge church for replacement

PLANS have been submitted to demolish a Dorridge church and hall for a larger facility.


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St Philips Church, Manor Road (below) would be demolished for a new facility (above) under plans submitted to Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council.

The church was built in the late 19th century and the hall in the 1970s. To see the planning application in full visit here and enter 2014 and 1677 in the two boxes.

Worship space would increase from 215m2 to 364m2 and other facilities from 603m2 to 872m2.

Its application says: “The possibility of extending, renovating and altering the existing
buildings again has been considered at length.

“The existing church is however causing concern as subsidence has been identified and repair and maintenance costs will continue to rise significantly in the coming years.

“The building is extremely difficult to heat and cool and has little potential for improvement in this area.

“The main hall building is now 35 years old and in need of considerable modernisation and repair.”

It goes on: “It is considered that these objectives can no longer be met by refurbishment and alterations and that a new build solution is the only option in order to meet with current and future community needs.”

The church seats up to 250 but some services attract 350, it said.

The application said the church is “acknowledged to have only ‘local historic interest’” and would keep two stained glass windows in full.

The application says: “The loss is outweighed by the benefits to the community that the new building will bring including retention of the church at the heart of the village.”

Two residents have left comments on the planning application online. Views are sought by the council to November 21.

Michael Parker said: “I warmly support the proposal and wish them every success. I have long thought the existing church and buildings are inappropriate for a community like Dorridge and those planned would seem much more fitting.”

But the other said: “We are concerned about the impact of the proposed community centre having functions within a quiet residential area causing excessive noise during the evening and weekends.

“We are concerned this will become an entertainment venue over and above the normal use of a church hall.”

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  1. Have the church really got the money for this project? The last time they suggested this the building proposed was very ugly and came right up to the road and not set back as it is at present. People living on Manor Road already suffer from parking issue during the week - it would be worrying if this church hall is going to become an entertainment venue. Not sure we need it when there is the village hall already.

    1. Why not leave the church as it is. Dorridge will never have any history if people keep destroying the older buildings. I have seen so many lovely older houses wrecked so that people can build 'bigger and better' now it seems the church wants to do the same
      The current church hall is not the most attractive building so why not just get rid of that and build something tasteful in it's place that will compliment the church and fill the needs of the congregation.
      I agree with above in that the village hall is far better suited to community functions. For the majority of residents the church is no longer the heart of the village.

  2. I heard that Sainsbury's are partly funding the build as part of a sponsorship deal that includes renaming the church 'St Justins'.

  3. That'd be right!!!!

    I am amazed they haven't struck a deal to give them one of the remaining units in return for building the car park in the church grounds.

  4. why piss around with the Church building?

    just change the hall building