Sunday, 23 November 2014

Sainsbury's staff walk for charity

STAFF at the new Dorridge Sainsbury’s walked 10 miles for a cancer charity, as details of Wednesday’s store opening are announced.


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Last month 12 workers walked from the store – at the site of the former Forest Court – to Solihull via Marshall Lake and back for Stand Up To Cancer.

Those who took part were:
Store manager - Richard Perry
Duty manager - Maz Baker
HR manager - Marie Smith
Fresh manager - Beth Harrison
Cafe manager - Mark Wallis
Customer service manager - Matt Macgillivray
Bakery manager - Adam Bartholomew
Counters manager - Amy Corps
Commercial manager - Martin Rodgers (navigator)
Produce manager - Graham Geddes
Dry goods manager - Ben Wright
Petrol manager - Emma Fogg

The store will open on Wednesday with a ribbon cutting at 9am.

It will be opened by pupil Olivia Canwell, who designed a bag for life to be sold at the store, villager Dorris ‘Billie’ Aroll and store manager Richard Perry.


  1. Does anyone else think this is somewhat insidious?
    Firstly, well done to those people who gave their time and, presumably, money to support this worthy charity.
    But let's be clear here. This is firstly and foremost a PR exercise.
    The charitable effort, which could have been done on any other occasion, privately, or as part of a wider organised public event, appears to have been done openly, to support and to promote Sainsburys and to get publicity for the opening event on Wednesday.
    That is it's primary function. The charitable aspect is a secondary consideration.
    Does anyone else find it disturbing that such apparently philanthropic actions are so little based on the needs of the charity but are being cynically calculated, produced and delivered by the PR sub-programme of a corporate computer, manipulating it's human staff, for the commercial benefit of Sainsburys?
    If Sainburys wanted to do something charitable, of benefit to the community, they could do worse than subsidise a community bus service to reduce the traffic, pollution, noise and parking problems which are directly due to their own operation.

    1. Having worked as a full time volunteer for a national charity for many years I can vouch for Sainsbury's commitment to charitable causes. This ethos has been promoted from corporate management and filters down to the individual stores and has become a culture. There are many very worthy causes that depend on organisations such as Sainsbury's to provide them with support and opportunities to raise much needed funds to help the most vulnerable in our society today. The negative comments on this thread are typical of the uncaring cynical mindset that sadly all too often exists in affluent Britain today.The kind of people who find endless excuses not to give to good causes because they are just hard hearted and mean spirited despite being among the richest 10% in the world. well done Sainsbury's and well done everyone who supported this.

  2. to be expected, I am afraid. Not insidious but blatant. I am sure Sainsburys, ( and any other large company ) would have an active PR dept using the old adage, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

    Its part of modern life, most residents in Dorridge will understand a PR machine in action. Leaves a bitter taste in the mouth though.

    On the parking note,I have received a reply from the council about parking on pavements. The will look into it!! I can see Station approach and the new open space littered with parked cars, and this must be nipped in the bud PDQ

  3. I suppose no other company does charity work and advertises their good deeds then!

  4. Congratulations to the staff members for their efforts but commiserations to them for having to wear the silly Sainsbury's sashes. Really, Sainsbury's must think we were all born yesterday.

  5. No need to be so unsupportive! If a cancer charity is benefitting, then it's got to be a good thing in my book. Well done to those involved.

  6. We are all fed up of shallow, so called community deeds when in fact they are simply PR tactics! If they have money to donate then do it quietly, like the rest of us.