Thursday, 4 December 2014

M42 services plan

PLANS for a motorway service area between junctions 5 and 6 of the M42 have been unveiled, The Birmingham Mail has reported.


  1. Hopwood to the west, Tamworth to the NE, Corley to SE, there is a need for a service area, but where? Obvious place is by NEC, but that is gridlocked already. Answers on a SAE please.

  2. I thought there were plans years ago for a service area to be located at the Solihull/Knowle junction 5 where the fields by Lady Byron Lane (opposite the Old Sils) have been left unused (to my knowledge since the M42 was first built in the late 1970s)?

  3. I think there should be a sainsburys at the services.

    1. And a Waitrose. Or better still, when Tesco in Knowle close due to lack of interest (and decent quality fresh food), put them there!