Thursday, 29 January 2015

Arden results slide to five-year low

ARDEN school has recorded its lowest GCSE results since 2009 amid a national row over changes to exams.

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A total 83 per cent of pupils got at least five GCSEs including English and Maths from exams sat last summer.

It still meant significantly above the national average of 56.6 per cent and Solihull average of 60.8 per cent.

The result for Arden was 84 per cent in 2009 then 92, 91, 90 and 94 per cent in subsequent years.

But changes in 2014 included disallowing re-sits and tougher exams with less coursework.

When pupils got their results in August principal Martin Murphy said “over 85 per cent” achieved the key GCSE score.

The final figures are published in January after validation by the Department for Education.

He said then: “The students have reached their challenging targets and we are particularly pleased that we have achieved such truly impressive results when the bar is being significantly raised nationally and the exam system has changed.”

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  1. This is the result of sending the best teachers to Park Hall (the failing school in Chelmsley Wood)

  2. Arden is a school (like many) propped up by private tutors.

    its not the only one .....unbelievable that parents send their kids to private school and AND pay for tutors. Ludicrous.

  3. The bar may be rising but there is no doubt this is a backward step. Particularly when this comes after the criticism of Arden as a sponsor at Park Hall. It could be a blip at this stage but it may become a trend. The impression I have is that Mr Murphy simply doesn't have the competitive drive of his predecessor. There is a hint of "Emperors Clothes" and a bit of style over substance. However, as I said earlier it may be a blip. The next set of results will give us a good idea which way it is going.

  4. If the bar is rising so much Tudor Grange must have done brilliantly!

  5. Totally agree with the post from 15/02/15 (20:42). It seems as though all of the good teachers are transferring over to Park Hall and not being replaced with similarly talented staff. I know a lot of parents are very concerned about this. Totally agree with the comments about Mr Murphy, certainly style (attempted) over substance. The Governors seem to be doing very little to correct the situation. It’s concerning if you have children at the School.

  6. Murphy is a muppet.