Thursday, 22 January 2015

Knowle parking bans proposed

PARKING bans and restrictions by a busy intersection and by a doctors’ surgery in Knowle have been proposed by council leaders.

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Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council wants to ban parking around the intersection of Longdon Road, Lodge Road and St John’s Close.

And it wants to limit parking to two hours on part of the Warwick Road by The Blythe Practice and ban parking on the other side. Views are sought by February 13.

Bans are also proposed for Crabmill Close and Blackdown Road. For details on how to respond click here and for a map of the plans click here.

The plans are listed as "phase 1" and come after plans - some implemented - to restrict parking around roads in Dorridge.

A council statement said: “Concerns have been raised from local residents and Ward councillors about obstructive and dangerous parking on various roads within Knowle.”

It said a “large development” planned for Knowle – thought to be a Waitrose proposal – is “unlikely” to affect the proposals.

It said: “A review of the requirement for parking restrictions in the area is scheduled to follow the completion of that development.

“The areas included in this current proposal are some way from the centre and are unlikely to be affected by the new development.

“Consequently, it is recommended that the current proposals are taken forward in advance.”


Proposed Total Prohibition of Waiting:

Lodge Road – Both sides from a point approx’ 15m south west of St John’s Close to a point approx’ 58m north east of that junction.

St John’s Close – Both sides from Lodge Road for a distance of approx’ 10m in a south easterly direction.

Longdon Road – Both sides from Lodge Road for a distance of approx’ 43m in a westerly direction.

Service Road, south western side of Warwick Road – North eastern side from a point approx’ 3m north west of Lodge Road for a distance of approx’ 158m in a north westerly direction.

Service Road, south western side of Warwick Road – South western side from a point approx’ 4m north west of Lodge Road for a distance of approx’ 10m in a north westerly direction.

Service Road, south western side of Warwick Road – South western side from a point approx’ 13m south east of Blackdown Road to a point approx’ 14m north west of that junction.

Blackdown Road – Both sides from the Service Road, south western side of Warwick Road for a distance of approx’ 10m in a south westerly direction.

Crabmill Close – North side from a point approx’ 16m east of Hampton Road for a distance of approx’ 36m in an easterly direction.

Proposed Restriction of Waiting – Monday to Saturday 8.00am to 6.00pm – waiting limited to 2 hours with no return within 2 hours:

Service Road, south western side of Warwick Road – South western side from a point approx’ 29m from

Lodge Road for a distance of approx’ 105m in a north westerly direction.

Proposed Establishment of Disabled Persons Parking Bays – waiting limited to 3 hours at any
Time - Service Road, south western side of Warwick Road – South western side from a point approx’ 14m from

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  1. more development, more housing, more people, more cars, more charges, more yellow paint,
    no transport strategy

  2. Well - yes this is part of the transport and parking strategy. The parking in Knowle is working well - free for first 3 hours - to above - your point is what? your suggestion is what??

  3. Talking about parking, what a success the parking in Dorridge has been, for short term parking on top of Sainsburys. You can often get a slot on Station approach. All we need now, is to sort out commuter parking.

  4. Yes - the fear of too little parking and gridlock seems to have been unfounded. Not sure commuter parking is such an issue now that all the builders have gone.

    1. Oh it is still a problem,just emailed SMBC.

  5. Not taking about Dorridge, talking about Knowle. Just wait until Waitrose starts building and they stop long term around the green!!!!

  6. We'll see 18:28. I'm sure the parking has been considered.

  7. Every day before the doctor's surgery opens all the spaces on the Warwick Road Service Road to Blackdown Road are taken by all day parkers and this is why the residents are supportive of the proposed parking restrictions. This could become worse when Waitrose is being built or opens. The other problem is that people do park partially across the residents drives which makes it difficult to back out when people are driving up and down the limited space available on what was only meant to be a service road for the estate.

  8. Parking in these areas is a concern and needs to be addressed, but it will only result in the parking problems being transferred elsewhere. Responding to 16:22 above, the point is that the population of Knowle is increasing with no corresponding increase in infrastructure. The introduction of ticketing in the car parks has not reduced the number of people driving around hunting for a space when there are none and resulting in a few thoughtless individuals parking where they shouldn't - on pavements and double-yellow lines. While the Waitrose store is being built there will be disruption due to the building works and associated traffic and when it opens there will not be enough parking to cope with the increase that the new store will generate. It is time to stop tinkering around the edges of the problem and seriously address the issue of parking in Knowle.

  9. The land has been for sale up Hampton Road (Thackers) for ages, why don't they put in a long stay carpark for all who work in Knowle and charge say £10 a week and have a barrier etc. that would sort the problem and then have all the other car parks short term. Or is that thinking outside the box

  10. No an excellent idea BUT who is going to buy the land off Thackers, not the Council they are scratching around for cash, selling off their own offices to Touchwood to keep services going and staff in jobs. A private enterprise? They would want more than £10 a week from workers. Land in B93 is at a premium and hence extremely expensive, that's why people are selling off tiny portions of their own gardens to developers. It's an impossible situation and one that the Council is encouraging because they need as many new homes built for the council tax and as many new business opened for the business rates. Meanwhile our villages cannot cope with the traffic.
    I'm afraid this needs more than thinking outside the box and I doubt anyone has a workable and cheap solution. Sorry!

  11. This is a problem which is being more apparent in small towns and villages throughout England. I don't think anyone knows the answer just yet, but with more houses being built and more shops opening, its having a huge impact on infrastructure, surgeries and schools. The population is increasing, the only short term answer I have, is if you are within a mile of Knowle and need a pint of milk or newspaper, why not leave the car at home and either walk or cycle. I know not everybody wants to do it, but I tried it 3 or 4 years ago, and haven't looked back. With regards to parking in Knowle for your work, its a tricky one, I think all of us would park at the side of the road if we had to.

  12. Always walk in, but I am lucky I live near. Thacker owns it perhaps it would be a way of making money out of land he can't sell.

  13. I shop in Knowle probably every other day - go to Costa or the hairdresser. I live just outside and so drive in. When I go to Tesco I am there about 20 minutes, Costa about hour or so hairdresser 2 hours. Sometimes it takes 5 minutes to find a parking space in the car parks generally not a problem at all. That is the reality. Yes there will be disruption when Waitrose is being built but would be the same if flats etc were being built on the site. Parking in Knowle is not that bad and I am glad that the few problem areas are being tackled.