Thursday, 22 January 2015

Waitrose: Knowle store set to open next year

A LONG-AWAITED Waitrose store for Knowle is set to open next year, the firm has said.

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The company won Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council permission for the St John’s Close store in November 2012.

Yet this was subject to conditions being agreed with council officers about issues like car parking and building materials.

A final decision notice was issued on August 1 last year which lasts for three years.

Waitrose spokesman James Armstrong said: “We are still finalising everything, but aim to start on site later this year and open in 2016.”

In April last year Mr Armstrong said the firm “aims to start on site this summer which would enable us to open late next year”. See previous stories here.

In July he said: “The developer aims to start work on site in the autumn and we expect to open late next year.”

The store will go at the site of a former bowling green in The Red Lion pub car park.

Five bungalows nearest the store will be relocated to create a car park that will remain the council’s control.

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  1. Supermarkets within 15 minutes' drive of my house (Dorridge):
    Sainsbury's Dorridge
    Tesco Express Dorridge
    Tesco Knowle
    Waitrose Knowle
    Tesco Extra, Shirley
    Sainsburys Solihull
    Sainsbury's Shirley
    Co-op, Bentley Heath
    Co-op, Monkspath (x2)
    Morrisons, Solihull
    M&S Food Solihull
    M&S Food Shirley
    M&S Food Solihull
    Aldi, Shirley
    Asda, Shirlley
    Morrisons, Shirley
    Iceland, Shirley
    + planned Waitrose, Solihull

    1. Would you walk to do your shopping in Knowle?

    2. I wouldn't regularly walk to any of those, no. Sainsbury's Dorridge is a 10-minute walk, so maybe, occasionally, in the summer.

  2. As there will be no designated parking in Knowle for Waitrose and you can't park now for Tesco, how can they hope to make it pay. Already locals are doing as usual and doing their local shopping in Knowle, but you can only carry so much when walking, they are now going to Sainsburys for their bigger stuff that is difficult to carry in Dorridge as they can park and can't park in Knowle. So what hope Waitrose making a profit???????????????

  3. I know its been said before but it is such a shame that Waitrose didn't take the Dorridge site. It would be so nice to have something different locally and I for one would use a Knowle Waitrose, assuming I could park which I appreciate might be a problem.

  4. Believe it when I see it. We've had these announcements before. The 'clue' is in the statement "we AIM to start later this year". I'm still sure that they'll just go for the larger site in Solihull and ditch the Knowle site. Maybe the first poster will be lucky and can add a Lidl to the list of supermarkets within a short drive of their home. ;-)

  5. I agree with the above.

  6. I agree too, but can't understand why they are trying to keep up some sort of momentum. It's gone quiet in Solihull centre as well. Most people I know locally don't like the Sainsburys and are really keen to have a local Waitrose - smaller proper food store, food you can pass off as home made, no cheap clothes blah blah. But the council really needs to sort out the all day parkers or Knowle centre just won't work if Waitrose does happen.

  7. I cant wait for the Waitrose store to open - I for one will do all my shopping at Waitrose and all of my friends are looking forward to it too.

    Its going to be a winner - a real success.