Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Flooded path update

WATER running across a path in Knowle Park is not due to a leak and is being looked at by Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council (SMBC), The Knowle Society has said.

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It said: “SMBC has informed the Society that the water running across the path in the park is thought to be from a naturally occurring spring rather than the result of a leak and the council's drainage team is looking at a solution to divert the water away from the path.

“The park will also show signs of Spring in another way shortly as the tennis courts whose year round use always increases in the Spring, are to receive a new playing surface and new posts. Notices will be erected when the start date is known.”


  1. The water has been running through the park for years. It has only been a problem since the footpath was put into the bottom of the park some years ago. Before then the water would naturally flow into the stream. The natural spring starts from hust below the allotments. I am amazed that the council do not know this already

  2. The article does not say which path is being talked about. There is water running across the Longdon Road to Lodge Road path, near the corner of the Job's Close old persons home. This has only become apparent in the last couple of years.