Friday, 3 April 2015

Concern over housing plan for garages

A CONTROVERSIAL bid to knock down lock up garages in Knowle for two detached homes does not present access problems but should be redesigned, a planning officer has said.

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A Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council has recommended councillors approve the access to the planned homes at Copt Heath Croft on Wednesday.

Fell Estates Ltd has proposed using the existing access at Copt Heath Croft for the homes.

Each home would have two parking spaces but seven objected with concerns parked cars in the street may create access problems for vehicles, including emergencies.

One said: “Parking in the Croft already at a high premium. Development would increase traffic in already heavily congested area.”

Other concerns included “access road to proposed houses is narrow” and “safety concerns for children playing in centre of Croft”.

But the officer said: “In terms of access, the demolition of the existing garages is unlikely to have any sort of discernible effect on parking within the Croft.

“Adequate parking provision would be provided for the proposed 2 No. dwellings, despite its variation in width the access road/driveway would allow a car to pass/access the dwellings and access for service/emergency vehicles is not expected to pose any significant safety issues.”

The officer said: “Taking into account the constraints and characteristics of the site it is considered that residential development of the site would make efficient use of the land and address the negative appearance of the garage court as it currently stands.

“However, the illustrative scheme is not acceptable in terms in terms of appearance,
landscaping, layout and scale; these matters are reserved for subsequent approval.”

And they said the “the siting and relationship of the proposed dwelllings are such that they would have an unreasonable impact” on two neighbours.

But these “could be addressed by amendments to the layout and scale of the scheme”.

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