Monday, 27 April 2015

DDRA hits out at Sainsbury's traffic changes

THE Dorridge and District Residents Association (DDRA) has made “strong representations” about road changes as part of the village’s Sainsbury’s development.

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The DDRA said it has raised concerns with the project’s traffic consultants after the November store opening.

It said there was particular concern about changes near the train station, which included the removal of a traffic island.

It said: “The DDRA representatives made strong representations about the operation and safety of the road alterations near the station.

“The main issues were that the alignment of Avenue Road onto Station Approach was wrong and also that there were inadequate traffic calming and signing to keep traffic to speeds where it travelled within the design speeds of the junction.”

Yet it said: “There are elements were there was positive feedback – Station Approach onto Station Road was agreed to be a far easier junction to cope with and cyclists find that the narrowed section of road on Station Road combined with the low speed limit takes away a lot of aggression from motorists who have to accept following cyclists through the scheme.

“Given the concerns about the Poplar Road junction there was a feeling that the problems expected by residents had not emerged.”

It added: “An interesting snippet was that around 50 per cent of customers are from the Knowle area, which tends to confirm the suspicion that the poor parking in Knowle combined with the cramped Tesco store has meant that Sainsbury’s is a more attractive space to go shopping.”

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  1. So there will be even fewer people shopping there once Knowle gets its Waitrose and even more out-of-date food going to waste. #toobig

  2. If it ever gets Waitrose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think if Waitrose see that because of the parking in Knowle (they are not getting their own car park, so nothing will change), they will pull out.

  3. Well at least all the scare mongering about traffic chaos hasn't materialised. I agree that the station junction is not working and needs revising but everything else appears to work well.

  4. as long as you don't live near it - light pollution, noise pollution, delivery lorries parked up waiting to get into service yard ....

    1. Just how close do you live to it I wonder?

  5. General consensus is that the anticipated problems with the traffic etc have not happened. I had concerns myself but to be honest haven't actually seen a delivery lorry! Can always get a space in the car park - even at busy times. Not the most beautiful building in the world - but I don't know any supermarket that is. Can't object to it.
    The traffic island that was removed opposite the station worked well. Is it possible that it might be reinstated?

  6. The removal of the little traffic island was nonsensical, just made the junction more dangerous. Removal was tried many years ago but very quickly reinstated. I suspect that the “road planners” had never used that junction, particularly approaching from Avenue Road.

  7. Pulling out of Avenue Road opposite the station is now very dangerous - it is impossible to see traffic coming up the hill. I plan to avoid turning right down Station Approach now and will go all round "the block" along Forest Road to avoid it.

    And proper drop-off/pick-up space at the station is vital